1090 Jake Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Arrest, YouTube Channel (Updated)

1090 Jake is an internet personality who runs a YouTube channel, named End of Sentence. He is known as the six-figure felon, finding his way to earn a six-figure income each year.

Born on 29th August 1994, 1090 Jake’s real name is Jacob Cherry, who also goes by the name Jake Cherry.

1090 Jake Net Worth

1090 Jake’s net worth is estimated to be between $450,000 and $1 million.

End of Sentence YouTube Channel

End of Sentence is a YouTube channel run by 1090 Jake. He started the YouTube channel on 2nd May 2019 and has uploaded about 450 videos since.

Currently, as of June 2022, End of Sentence has 155,718,852 total views with 770k subscribers.

The YouTube channel is based in the United States of America and contains videos that mostly belong to the Music, Entertainment, and Hip Hop music categories.

On his channel, 1090 Jake posts videos about his experience in prison, describing gang wars and abuse by the prison staff. This unfiltered approach by 1090 Jake has caught the attention of many, captivating them and keeping them hooked to the channel.

1090 Jake’s Arrest

1090 Jake was arrested when he was caught carrying a secret gun in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood of North Tampa.

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He was charged with 19 Felonies. With 4 Felonies, he was sent to Florida State Prison for three years. There, 1090 Jake spent time in the Youth Offender. 1090 Jake, after being released from prison in 2015, was arrested once again in 2016.

He was charged with Armed Assualt, as he was carrying a gun with the intention of ransacking. He is reported to still be in prison, as of 30th May 2022.

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