Aaron Tredwell Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Aaron Tredwell is a filmmaker and a photographer from the United States of America. He is particularly known for his marriage and later divorce from transgender Janet Mock. He has appeared in several media outlets, including New York Times and Marie Claire.

He has also worked as a photographer for Converse, Adidas, and Nickelodeon, winning the hearts of many for taking photographs of people the way they are.

After the death of George Floyd, Aaron Tredwell contributed to the Black Lives Matter Movement by taking impactful photographs in California.

Full nameAaron Tredwell
Date of birth15th May 1976
Age46 (As of June 2022)
BirthplaceThompson, North Dakota, the USA
SpouseJanet Mock
Profession(s)Filmmaker and photographer
Aaron Tredwell Net Worth$600,000 (Last Updated 2022)

Aaron Tredwell Net Worth

Aaron Tredwell’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000.

Aaron Tredwell’s Early Life

Aaron Tredwell was born on 15th May 1976 in Thompson, North Dakota, the United States of America. He grew up in Cumberland Center, Maine. He was born to Cynthia Tredwell, but there is no information about Aaron’s father.

Aaron Tredwell’s Education

Aaron Tredwell attended Greely High School in Cumberland, where he played high school basketball for the Rangers team.

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He graduated from high school and then enrolled at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. There, he played basketball for the Southern Maine Huskies.

Aaron Tredwell’s Professional Career

Aaron Tredwell pursued his career in photography and went on to hone his skills in photography. Aaron Tredwell worked with the Architectural Digest, New York Times, and Marie Claire, where some of his best works got him exposure and recognition.

In addition to that, Aaron Tredwell has worked on a short documentary titled Shape Up: Gay in the Black Barbershop. He produced this documentary with the assistance of director Derrick Middleton. The documentary shows how difficult life is for gay men in black barbershops as they seek peace in their life.

Aaron Tredwell co-hosts a weekly podcast titled The Missing Piece. In this podcast, Aaron Tredwell talks about the difficulty of balance and the realism that makes celebrities try to live genuinely in the modern culture.

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