Adecoagro Net Worth, Wiki, History, CEO, Founder (Updated)

Adecoagro is an agro-based industrial company that produces and manufactures agricultural products, dairy products, and renewable energy.

Adecoagro net worth is estimated to be more than $500 million and the company is based in South America, and it runs operations in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Adecoargo is divided into three main lines of business: land transformation; farming; and sugar, energy, and ethanol. Its agricultural activities include producing certain crops, like rice and sugarcane, for sale to third parties.

These products are also used internally as inputs in other manufacturing processes, such as milk. The land transformation line of business includes acquiring farmlands or businesses that are under-developed or under-utilized in terms of agricultural use.

Adecoagro Net Worth More than $500 million
Company name Adecoagro
Co-founder and CEO Mariano Bosch
Sector Consumer staples
Industry Consumer staple products
Sub-industry Food
Number of employees Approximately 9100
Founded in 2002

Adecoagro Net Worth

Adecoagro net worth is estimated to be more than $500 million.

Adecoagro’s Initial Steps and Expansion

Adecoagro Net Worth

The company was founded in 2002, with one of the co-founders being Mariano Bosch. It was founded in Argentina where 75 thousand hectares of prime farmland were bought. Two years later, the business expanded into Uruguay and Brazil where production of crops continued at a sustainable rate.

In 2005, Adecoagro expanded its business to the sugar, ethanol, and energy industry in Brazil. The Monte Alegre mill was acquired in Minas Gerais when the business expanded into this industry.

Adecoagro net worth increased as a result of the expansion.

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In 2006, Adecoagro continued its business expansion, especially in the sugar, ethanol, and energy industry when the Angelica mill was constructed in Grosso du Sul in Brazil. This enhanced the company’s presence in the region’s sugarcane industry.

In 2007, the company expanded its rice business by acquiring more land in Argentina and opening several mills. The Molinos Ala brand was also created for the local market and the construction of a dairy facility started in Argentina.

In 2012, Adecoagro began constructing a second dairy facility in Santa Fe. This would later increase the annual production of top-notch milk to about 95 million liters. One year later, the company opened its commercial office in Uruguay.

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