Adeel Shams Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Cool Kicks (Updated)

Adeel Shams is a millionaire sneaker retailer. He is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Cool Kicks, a popular sneaker brand.

Adeel Shams net worth is reported to be more than $15 million, and he has achieved success with his sneaker brand, Cool Kicks, due to the company’s high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Full name Adeel Shams
Adeel Shams Net Worth More than $15 million
Age 30 
Birthplace The United States of America
Current residence Los Angeles, California, the USA
Nationality American
Profession(s) Entrepreneur, sneaker retailer, founder, and CEO of Cool Kicks
Date of birth 6th October 1991

Adeel Shams Net Worth

Adeel Shams net worth is estimated to be more than $15 million, and he makes a whole lot from Cool Kicks.

Adeel Shams’ Early Life

Adeel Shams Net Worth

Adeel Shams hails from a very supportive family as his mother and father have always supported Adeel Shams. Though, when Adeel Shams decided to open his sneaker business, he did not receive any kind of help from his parents.

This was done to ensure that Adeel Shams did not become dependent on his parents or their money.

Adeel Shams’ Education

Adeel Shams has always had a passion for reading and learning marketing strategies. He attended the Virginia Commonwealth University, from where he achieved his undergraduate degree in marketing.

Later, from VCU Brandcenter, Adeel Shams completed his Master of Science in Creative Brand Management. Adeel Shams firmly believes in continuing education and never stop the process of learning. He states that learning new things consistently is a necessity in the modern business world.

Cool Kicks

Cool Kicks is a sneaker brand company, founded by millionaire sneaker retailer, Adeel Shams. Adeel Shams is the current Chief Executive Officer of Cool Kicks. Based in the United States of America, Cool Kicks is known for the high-quality sneakers it provides.

In addition to that, the excellent customer support and service from Cool Kicks are also worth mentioning.

Cool Kicks is a very successful business. Its net worth has increased from $7 million in 2019 to $15 million in 2022, with an increased rate of 15.38%.

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