Adenike Ogunlesi Net Worth, Biography, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble (Updated)

Adenike Ogunlesi is a Nigerian leading designer, manufacturer, retailer, and fashion entrepreneur who aims to redefine the children’s fashion industry in Africa.

With an experience of more than 35 years in the fashion and retail business under her belt, Adenike Ogunlesi is also the Founder, Creative Director, and Chief Responsibility Officer of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble – Africa’s leading children’s clothing and fashion brand.

Adenike Ogunlesi’s Net Worth

Adenike Ogunlesi’s net worth is estimated to be around $26 million.

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble is a children’s clothing and fashion brand founded by Adenike Ogunlesi in 1998. It started with a small endeavor of making children’s clothing accessible to more families in her neighborhood. Initially, the business operated from the boot of her car with a manpower of fewer than 20 people.

One day, Adenike Ogunlesi made $600 from this business, which is when she realized that she should go on to expand this business. For this reason, she enrolled at a business school, where she learned about marketing, customer service, and customer experience.

This allowed her to expand her children’s fashion and clothing business to one that operates with international standards, having about 17 outlets, more than 300 employees, and an online presence across Africa.

Adenike Ogunlesi’s Other Works

Adenike Ogunlesi is also a passionate speaker and an advocate for a more equal society. She believes in the power of women and encourages women to pursue their goals and achieve greatness. This has led to the birth of the Betti-Okuboyejo Foundation, which is a training facility that teaches and trains youth in garment making.

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The foundation has graduated more than two hundred youths, each empowered with skills in entrepreneurship and garment making, fully able to initiate and manage their own business.

In addition to that, Adenike Ogunlesi founded the ‘I Share Cuz I Care’ Foundation in 2014. It is a non-governmental organization that aims to educate and empower youth with skills to be successful in the world. The foundation also promotes an equitable society, empathy, and quality education for poor children in Africa.

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