Anna Sigga Nicolazzi Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi has a distinguished career in American law, Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth is around $8 million. For nearly twenty years of her career, she worked as a prosecutor for the Department of Justice.

Furthermore, she was awarded the Home Run Hitter Award by the National District Attorneys Association in 2008. Also, in 2005, she was awarded the Thomas E. Dewey Medal.

Full Name Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi
Anna Sigga Nicolazzi Net Worth $8 million
Age 52 years (as of 2022)
Birth Place New York, United States of America
Zodiac sign Gemini
Education Juris Doctor Degree
Date of Birth

31 May 1970

After a career as a prosecutor, she later became an executive producer in media. Her focus is on investigating instances of crime and figuring out what really happened, so she can give the media an accurate picture of these crime scenes.

Currently, she hosts True Conviction on Investigation Discovery. The series focuses on the work of law enforcement officials who investigate challenging cases of homicide. It is one of television’s most watched crime shows.

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Anna Sigga Nicolazzi Net Worth

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth is estimated to be $8 million. It’s her true crime show, True Conviction, that makes her money. In addition, she serves as a lecturer at Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop and hosts the Anatomy of Murder podcast. Apart from that, she was also a homicide prosecutor, another factor in Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth.

Anna Sigga Early Life and Family

Anna Sigga net worth

Anna Sigga was born in New York on May 31, 1970. Anna grew up in a loving and supportive home. The mother of Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi is from Iceland, and she spent most of her childhood there. Furthermore, she was given the Icelandic name of Sigga, meaning Peaceful Victory and Powerful Silence.

There’s not a lot of info about Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi’s dad. However, he may be of American descent. Robert Thor Dranitzke is Nikolazzi’s younger brother. One of Nikolazzi’s older cousins was a person she admired. Unfortunately, his life was cut short by a brutal murder when Anna-Sigga was just a young girl.

Anna Sigga Personal life

She’s married to Dominic Joseph Nicolazzi. They got married on September 26, 1999. They’ll be celebrating 23 years of marriage in September 2022. The birthday of Anna’s husband Dominic is the 31st of August 1965.

Anna Sigga Career

Anna Nicolazzi was a prosecutor who dealt with homicide cases. Anna graduated from Brooklyn Law School with a Juris Doctorate in Law. Charles Hynes, then the District Attorney, hired Anna after she graduated. Her career spanned over 50 trials, in all of which she won every time. Her outstanding performance in court earned her the Thomas E. Dewey Award. Before getting into TV, Nicolazzi headed the Homicide Bureau.

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Her current job is that of a TV host and producer. Currently, she is the host of the true-crime show, True Conviction, which airs on Discovery. As a co-executive producer, she also presides over the production of True Conviction.

Further, Nicolazzi is also the founder of the company Forseti Media. Anatomy of Murder Podcast is a podcast created by her and hosted by her. Additionally, since 2015, Anna has also lectured at the Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop.

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