Anthony Trimino Net Worth 2023: What Is Anthony Trimino Net Worth In 2023?


Anthony Trimino Net Worth

$10 million



Date Of Birth

September 5, 1975


48 years old

Place of Birth

Torrance, California, USA




Politician, Businessman

Race/ Ethnicity


Zodiac Sign


Marital Status




Eye Color


Hair Color



5 feet and 7 inches


72 kilograms


Anthony Trimono

Anthony Trimino is an American businessman and politician. He is a candidate for the Governor of California. Regarding business, he is the current Chief Executive Officer of TRAFFIK, which is a worldwide full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency based in California.

With an experience of more than twenty years in advertising and marketing, Anthony Trimino’s ad agency was also regarded as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States of America by INC Magazine.

Anthony Trimino Net Worth

Anthony Trimino’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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The net worth of TRAFFIK is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Anthony Trimino’s Background

Anthony Trimino’s family has a rich history of looking and working towards a better future for the people, without being directly involved in politics or the government.

Anthony Trimino’s grandparents fled Cuba during Castro’s Revolution and sought refuge in California. In California, they settled and started a business that still exists to date.

Anthony Trimino’s Early Life

Anthony Trimino was born on 5th September 1975, in Torrance, California. Anthony Trimino, like his parents and grandparents, was born with an entrepreneurial spirit with a deep desire to build something from scratch and work towards a better future.

He saw that the government was working on a system devised to keep the minorities dependent on the government and did not promote self-reliance.

Thus, Anthony Trimino started working towards bringing a change that would promote self-reliance among minorities and started engaging in politics.

Anthony Trimino’s Professional Career

Apart from working at TRAFFIK, Anthony Trimino is an official member of the Forbes Agency Council. He has also worked for WorldCom as a Network Engineer and Pacbell as a Sales Director in the past.

Anthony Trimino was also a co-founder and partner of Shade55, which is a factory that produces 100% denim. This factory is famous for importing materials straight from a farm.

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