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Antonella Nester is a former popular television host and renowned personality in the television industry in the United States of America. She held a position as a host for the famous top-rated television network QVC, which is the abbreviation for Quality Value Convenience.

However, she is unfortunately also known for her successful life being derailed by numerous personal disasters in a short period. In a short period, Antonella Nester’s husband lost his job, was let go of the QVC television network, and was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

The couple, to help pay bills for the expensive medical treatment, sold off their home and moved on to live in their sailboat. Not only that, but Antonella Nester’s husband also later suffered a heart attack.

Full name Antonella Nester
Antonella Nester Net Worth $2 million
Date of birth 12th January 1964
Age 59 
Birthplace Pennsylvania, the United States of America
Nationality American
Profession Former television host (for QVC)
Family Background Italian
Nickname Antonella

Antonella Nester Net Worth

Antonella Nester’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. 

Antonella Nester Early Life

Antonella Nester Net Worth

Although Antonella Nester has an American nationality, her family background is Italian. Her family is originally from Italy and moved to New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. She was born the youngest child in her family.

Antonella Nester grew up with her three elder sisters and attended the St. Theresa School. Later, she also joined and attended Trinity High School, from where she matriculated in 1982.

After completing her education at high school, Antonella Nester enrolled at Penn State’s Mont Alto campus. Though, she later shifted to University Park. In 1987, she graduated from her college and started her internship at Berwicks Hospital.

Antonella Nester’s Marriage

Antonella Nester is married to Chris Nester. They were high school lovers before getting married, and have been supporting each other through thick and thin. Currently, they are living their retirement life.

After Antonella Nester left QVC and was later diagnosed with breast cancer, she endured four rounds of surgery and chemotherapy. This was followed by radiation treatments. Throughout this hospitalization, her husband, Chris Nester, never left her and always stood by her side, tending to her, supporting, and helping her in every way possible.

Later, they sold off their house and bought a boat in which they had planned to live their retirement life. It is claimed that the couple took this decision to pay for the medical bills. However, they announced this plan on Antonella Nester’s YouTube Channel, stating that this was part of their retirement plan.

Antonella Nester’s Career

Antonella Nester was a medical student, having interned at Berwicks hospital. She even sold pencils and other stationery items in her early years after graduation. She wanted to become a nurse at a hospital but was not able to fulfill her dream.

Apart from her interest in healthcare, Antonella Nester was also very interested in having pleasant conversations with a variety of people, and she was pretty confident in doing so. After auditioning for the role of a host on a television show, she was selected as a host of a television show at QVC.

She joined the QVC network in 2004, and immediately fell in love with comedic shows and acting. Making a myriad of people laugh, Antonella Nester caught the attention of the masses, which increased the ratings for the television network. This made her popular throughout the United States of America as a host and a comedian.

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