Ashley Snowden Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Ashley Snowden is a renowned television personality, social media influencer, dancer, and entrepreneur from the United States of America. She is famously known as the wife of a famous entrepreneur and businessman, Dimitri Snowden.

In addition to that, Ashley Snowden is known as the cast member of TLC’s reality show ‘Seeking Sister Wife’. According to her various social media profiles, Ashley Snowden also considers herself to be a spiritual herbalist by profession.

Ashley Snowden Net Worth $1 million to $4 million
Known as Ashley Kapri Adkins, Ashley Snowden, Ashley Kapri Snowden
Full real name Ashley Kapri Adkins
Year of birth 1984
Age 38 (As of October 2022)
Birthplace The United States of America
Nationality American
Current residence Los Angeles, California, the United States of America
Profession Spiritual herbalist
Ethnicity Mixed (African descent)
Nickname Taj

Ashley Snowden Net Worth

Ashley Snowden’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of August 2023

Ashley Snowden Early Life

Ashley Snowden Net Worth

Ashley Snowden was born in 1984 to her parents in the United States of America. Her exact date of birth is unknown. Though, the year of birth is estimated to be 1984. Ashley Snowden was born into a large joint family.

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Ashley and her family practice Christianity. She grew up with her siblings and cousins in the United States of America. Her mother, Dona Adkins, was a stay-at-home mother.

Ashley Snowden Education

Regarding Ashley Snowden’s education, she is a postgraduate. She attended a well-known college in her hometown. From there, Ashley Snowden received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.

She also later earned her MA in teaching. After that, she began focusing on establishing a career in any field. Apart from that, Ashley Snowden is a well-trained dancer as she started training in dancing at a very young age.

Ashley Snowden Married Life

Ashley Snowden, then known as Ashley Kapri Adkins, married Dimitri Snowden. According to various sources, they had both known each other for a long time. After dating for several years, Ashley married Dimitri Snowden on 9th June 2009.

After a while, Ashley Snowden and Dimitri Snowden became parents of three children. The children are named ‘Canaria Snowden’, ‘Armono Snowden’, and ‘Nenfar Snowden’.

However, Dimitri Snowden married a second time, marrying Vanessa Cobbs on 7th April 2019. Though, after only a few days, Vanessa Cobbs divorced Dimitri Snowden on 14th April 2009. Dimitri Snowden then married a third time, this time marrying Christeline Peterson. Later in May 2021, Christeline Peterson accused Dimitri of domestic abuse.

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Ashley Snowden then announced that she had left Dimitri Snowden and was spending time alone to heal from the fallout of her relationship with Dimitri Snowden. She did not talk much about any domestic abuse she might have faced from Dimitri Snowden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Ashley Snowden?

Ashley Snowden is a well-known television personality, she was born in the United States to her parents. Her exact birth date, is unknown. However, her age is estimated to be between 35 and 38 years old.

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