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$7 million

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Atlas Monroe


Deborah Torres








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Atlas Monroe is a food company based in San Francisco, Atlas Monroe net worth has always been impressive. This unique food company is famous as it serves 100% vegan, all-natural, and plant-based food, such as vegan bacon, and vegan ribs. The special dish that Atlas Monroe serve is vegan fried chicken.

Atlas Monroe Net Worth

Atlas Monroe net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. 

Atlas Monroe Founder

Deborah Torres net worth

The name of the founder of Atlas Monroe is Deborah Torres. She founded and established Atlas Monroe in 2017 in San Francisco. She has continued to play a vital role in the success of the company as she currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the food company.

Deborah Torres grew up eating a lot of meat, following the meat-heavy diet of her parents. At some point in her life, she left home to travel for a year. When she returned, she found out that her father had diabetes.

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After doing some research on the internet regarding diabetes and its cures, she found out that a vegan diet could help her father recover from diabetes. After the whole family, especially Deborah’s father, followed a vegetarian diet for about thirty days, her father was cured. Thus, Deborah Torres herself started a vegan diet and stuck to it.

After Deborah Torres founded Atlas Monroe, the food company quickly began catering services in the south bay region. Soon, the food company became the area’s favorite food spot. In 2018, Atlas Monroe’s special dish, the vegan fried chicken, even won a major award in the 2018 National Fried Chicken Event.

Atlas Monroe During Shark Tank

Atlas Monroe’s founder Deborah Torres entered Shark seeking $500,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the food company. This indicated that she valued her company at $5 million. After she presented her food company and gave the Sharks some food samples, they loved it.

However, the Sharks were not happy with the valuation of the food company. They grew more displeased when Deborah Torres was hesitant to provide the Sharks with statistics regarding the company’s sales. This implied that Atlas Monroe had made relatively few sales.

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When Deborah Torres eventually stated the sales statistics, which were $65,000 worth of sales annually, the Sharks were shocked. They even went as far as saying that the Atlas Monroe was not worth the quoted $5 million at all.

Despite the so-far-horrendous pitch, Mark Cuban offered Deborah $500,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in Atlas Monroe. He also invited Rohan to collaborate with him in investing in the food company. Rohan obliged, but Deborah Torres declined the offer and left Shark Tank.

Atlas Monroe After Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, the food company made more than $2 million in revenue annually. It is reported that the company is planning to build and open another building in the United States of America. Atlas Monroe expects to generate about $24 million in sales after perfectly executing this plan.

Deborah Torres has announced that the food company will join a large group of American grocery chains with numerous locations across the United States of America. Though, the specific location for Atlas Monroe is not announced yet. Atlas Monroe net worth has been on a fast rise since.

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