Avi Schiffmann Net Worth 2022 – How Rich is the Web Developer?

Avi Schiffmann is a web developer in the United States of America. He is most famous for being the founder and creator of a website that displayed and provided worldwide information regarding COVID-19. The website, known as nCoV2019.live, was one of the first and largest coronavirus tracking websites.

Avi Schiffmann is also known as an internet activist. He is particularly known for his practical use of technology and the internet to combat real-world problems. Considered a champion for the internet as a free source of information and data, Avi Schiffmann has provided information on the 2020 presidential election, and the Black Lives Matter movement across the United States of America.

Full name Avi Schiffmann
Avi Schiffmann Net Worth $750,000
Age 20 
Birthplace California, the United States of America
Current residence Washington State
Nationality American
Profession Web developer
Date of birth 26 October 2002

Avi Schiffmann Net Worth

Avi Schiffmann’s net worth is estimated to be around $750,000.

Avi Schiffmann Early Life and Education

Avi Schiffmann Net Worth

Avi Schiffmann was born on 26th October 2002 in California, the United States of America. He is still a school student who is studying at Mercer Island High School. Avi Schiffmann started teaching himself programming when he was only seven years old. He obtained information and taught himself mostly through tutorial videos on YouTube.

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As Avi Schiffmann was deeply interested in programming, he spent a lot of his time in childhood in front of his laptop learning about coding. Avi claimed that he learned a lot through web development chat rooms where he used to ask a lot of questions from industry professionals regarding programming.

Avi Schiffmann’s Works

Avi Schiffmann first started working on his coronavirus tracking website in early 2020. His website’s domain name was ncov2019.live as this was before the official name for COVID-19 came up.

After some while, the website started getting hundreds of millions of visitors who were searching for information regarding COVID-19, which was not easily available at the time. To build a strong website that could withstand such a huge audience, Avi worked hard and started gathering data about the new virus in China.

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Avi Schiffmann, through his website, made it easy for people to get real and clear information regarding COVID-19. Instead of going through various official government websites, people could use Avi’s website as it would contain centralized data.

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Avi Schiffmann famously turned down an offer of $8 million for putting advertisements on his website. He stated that the goal of his website was not to generate revenue through ads. He also did not want to ruin the User Interface of the website. He further mentioned that his website would be slowed down and people would not be able to get quick access to the site if he put ads.

Apart from the ncov2019.live website, Avi Schiffmann has made about thirty more websites. One of his websites was particularly active during the 2020 protests regarding Black Lives Matter. He also made a website for his high school that tracked sports scores, which Avi said was a precursor for ncov2019.live.

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