Baker’s Edge Net Worth; What Happened After Shark Tank Deal?

A line of cutting-edge baking pans and kitchenware is called Baker’s Edge. The Edge Brownie Pan, the company’s main item, is highly known.

An all-edge brownie baking pan is called the Edge Brownie Pan. Since then, the Simple Lasagna Pan and the Better Muffin Pan have been added to the company’s product line.

Net Worth of Baker’s Edge

The company’s valuation was $2 million on the Shark Tank Show. After Shark Tank, the net worth of Baker’s Edge is estimated to have increased significantly.

Owner of Baker’s Edge

Matthew Griffin, the originator of Baker’s Edge, brought the idea of Edge Brownie Pan when he had recently graduated from Ball State University in Indiana.

Baker’s Edge Before Shark Tank

His former boss approached him one day as he ate lunch and told him a tale about a young girl who created a microwave bacon rack and made millions of dollars. This, according to Matthew, inspired him, and one evening as he was enjoying his favorite brownie, he had an idea. To his astonishment, he was the first person to ever think of creating a new type of pan that could bake an entire tray of corner brownies.

In 1998, Matthew Griffin had the concept for a pan that only baked brownies with a corner crust. The Griffins did not create a prototype of their innovation or patent their Edge Brownie Pan for another four years. The Griffins won a contest in 2004 thanks to the pan, winning them a stunning $25,000; by 2006, they had established the Baker’s Edge business.

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Baker’s Edge During Shark Tank

In exchange for a 20% ownership stake in their bakeware company, the entrepreneurs who made their product presentation to Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Kevin O’Leary, and asked for a $400,000 investment.

The first episode of the season aired on May 16, 2014. The Sharks had reservations about the products despite the company having $6 million in sales from 2006 to 2013 and an expected $250,000 in 2014 alone.

Barbara Corcoran asked Matthew if the design was protected by a patent. In response to the query, Matthew stated that the design was patented. The Edge Pan design was covered by a utility patent.

Robert Herjavec inquired about the current level of success of their business. In response to the query, Matthew replied that they had generated close to six million dollars in revenue since their establishment in 2006.

Only this year’s sales, not the total for all years, were requested by Kevin O’Leary. In response to Kevin’s query, Matthew said that the company had generated revenues of more than $250,000. Kevin O’Leary further asked Matthew why he believed his items were worth $2,000,000.

Because a patent covered them, Matthew claimed that his goods were worth $200,000 each. Because the business was so tiny compared to other industries, the Sharks disputed with one another. Mark Cuban claimed to be done and went out.

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Kevin O’Leary said that everyone who wanted one already had one, so he was also out running for one. Lori Greiner claimed that the Better Muffin Pan is not particularly a novelty like the Edge Brownie Pan. According to Lori Greiner, she also was not in the deal and went out.

Barbara Corcoran also stated she was no longer in. At the conclusion, Matthew stated that he respected the Sharks’ viewpoints but thought that their business still had a way to go and that it will eventually succeed.

Griffins left Shark Tank without grabbing access to any investment.

Baker’s Edge After Shark Tank

Baker’s Edge is still in operation even after the Griffins left Shark Tank without receiving funding for their line of only-crusty corner brownie pans. Baker’s Edge appears to have carried out its plan to introduce the Better Muffin Pan as it promised on the show, in addition to offering brownie and lasagna pans on its website and via Amazon.

According to Instagram, the muffin pan is so well-liked that it is continually selling out. Reviews claim that Baker’s Edge may be worth the investment even if the Sharks didn’t think so, with the brownie pan costing $47.99 and the muffin one costing $49.99.

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Baker’s Edge generates between one and two million dollars in income annually, and it appears the business intends to continue operating.

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