Bedros Keuilian Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Bedros Keulian Net Worth?

Bedros Keuilian Net Worth

$200 million



Date Of Birth

July 22, 1974


49 years old

Place of Birth





Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Investor

Race/ Ethnicity


Zodiac Sign


Marital Status



Diana Keuilian


Andrew Keuilian, Chloe Keuilian


5 feet and 9 inches


95 kilograms


Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in franchises, business consulting, digital marketing, and software that generate millions of dollars. Bedros Keuilian is also a speaker and a best-selling author.

Founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Fit Body Boot Camp, one of America’s fastest-growing franchises, Bedros Keuilian is an investor who invests in dozens of companies related to software and digital ad agencies.

Bedros Keuilian Net Worth

Bedros Keuilian net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. Bedros Keuilian net worth has also been sustainable.

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Fit Body Boot Camp Net Worth

The net worth of Fit Body Boot Camp, the franchise founded by Bedros Keuilian where he serves as the current Chief Executive Officer, is around $100 million.

Bedros Keuilian’s Early Life

Bedros Keuilian was born on 22nd July 1974 in Armenia when Armenia was under the control of the Soviet Union. He was the youngest of his family and life was not easy for him at all. His house and neighborhood were often raided by the authorities for smuggling food.

Although Bedros Keuilian’s family’s conditions were better than others at the time, Bedros Keuilian’s father grew sick of the communist regime and the low standard of living and migrated to America.

The Keuilian family migrated to the United States of America when Bedros Keuilian was only six years old. This migration cost the family nearly half of their savings as they had to bribe the government to let them migrate to America.

Bedros Keuilian’s father built a tiny tailer shop, but life was still very difficult for the Keuilian family as they could not make ends meet. Bedros and his family suffered the hostile behavior of the people around him, with Bedros Keuilian facing abuse at school as he had no friends.

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Bedros Keuilian’s Professional Career

Bedros Keuilian started his career as a personal trainer and opened up a gym. He also worked on various side jobs. He noticed that other personal trainers also have to work on several side jobs, which made him question why personal trainers have to work on side jobs. Hence, he decided to learn more about money-making.

Bedros Keuilian began training with Jim Franco about business and entrepreneurship. Bedros Keuilian would give extra training sessions to Jim in exchange for Jim Franco mentoring Bedros’ business. Soon, Bedros Keuilian opened two other gyms, gaining recognition in the fitness world.

Many personal trainers tried to reach out to Bedros Keuilian, asking him for help in setting up their gyms. Additionally, Bedros started a consulting firm to help out small local businesses.

Who Is Bedros Keuilian Wife?

Are you wondering who is Bedros Keuilian wife? Bedros Keuilian wife is Diana Keuilian. The two are happily married with two beautiful children named Andrwe Keuilian and Chloe Keuilian.

What Is Bedros Keuilian Age?

Areyou wondering what is Bedros Keuilian age? Bedros Keuilian is 49 years old. He was born on June 22, 1974 in Armenia.


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