Ben Hockett Net Worth, Biography, Wiki (Updated)

Ben Hockett Net Worth

$100 million

Real Name

Ben Hockett




Berkeley, California 






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Ben Hockett net worth is more than $100 million and he is a former Deutsche Bank Trader who helped Jamie and Charles from Cornwall Capital navigate the channels of Wall Street power. Without Ben Hockett, it would have been extremely difficult for Jamie and Charles to improve the state of their company.

Ben Hockett had left Wall Street to trade derivatives from his home in Berkeley Hills. In 2006, he started working with Cornwall Capital, an investment company, to help the company gain stability and profit during the 2007-8 financial crash.

Ben Hockett Net Worth

Ben Hockett net worth is estimated to be more than $100 million. By early 2006, Cornwall had $30 million in the bank.

Ben Hockett Early Life

Ben Hockett Net Worth

A former Deutsche Bank Trader who left Wall Street to trade derivates from the comforts of his in Berkeley Hills, Ben Hockett wanted to be away from the financial world and close to his family. He was super-attuned to extreme events and had an apocalyptic streak.

After learning that his house was overpriced and was at risk of earthquakes, he sold it immediately and moved to a rental house, which is apparently inaccessible by cars.

Ben Hockett’s Works with Cornwall Capital

By 2006, Cornwall Capital had about $30 million in the bank. The founders of Cornwall Capital, Mai, and Ledley, were still considered small potatoes by Wall Street. They were not institutional investors, but only high-net-worth individuals, managing their own money instead of other people’s money.

Considered second-class citizens by Wall Street, both the founders’ lowly status denied them the right to trade in complex options. Thus, Cornwall Capital was deprived of making major money. However, when they hired Ben Hockett, the tables began to turn.

For his eccentricity as a trader and an individual, Ben Hockett was a respected figure in the bank. He knew the right people that would allow Cornwall Capital to stand up as a major company. With a few phone calls and some meetings, Ben Hockett could give Cornwall Capital the ability to trade in complex options.

He worked at Cornwall Capital as the Head Trader, bringing extensive knowledge and experience regarding fixed-income trading, derivates, and capital markets. He also later became the Chief Risk Officer of the company.

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