Birddogs Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

Birddogs Net Worth

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$16.67 million

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Peter Baldwin








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The valuation of Birddogs Net Worth was $16.67 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. Birddogs shorts are high-quality men’s shorts made especially for the modern man. Birddogs describe these shorts as ‘gym shorts for freeballing crotch crusaders

In addition to the silk lining and the zippered pocket for the latest iPhone, these shorts also boast the ability to dry quickly. 

Birddogs Net Worth

In 2018, Peter disclosed that the company’s value had reached $16.6 million. When Peter shared that information with them, they seemed to be amused by it. Now, the company’s sales have increased considerably, and the company is valued at $6 million.

Birddogs Overview

Birddogs is a company specializing in American apparel ecommerce which is headquartered in New York City. As a manufacturer and seller of men’s shorts, the company is known for the fact that there is a built-in liner in each short. The company was established in November 2014 by CEO Peter Baldwin. It is a consumer-direct company that operates in the private sector. 

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To create the gym shorts using silver ion nanoparticles technology, Baldwin collaborated with former Lululemon designer Jeffrey Thrasher. On ABC’s business reality series, Shark Tank, the duo had the opportunity to pitch their company to investors, although they were not able to get funding.

Birddogs Founder’s Story

The company was founded by Peter Baldwin in 2014 after he got tired of traveling with uncomfortable pants. After working as an IBM sales executive, Peter Baldwin decided that he no longer wanted to climb the corporate ladder.

Following his resignation from his job, Peter began creating a pair of comfortable shorts. After months and months of hard work, he finally had the culmination of his efforts in the form of a final product: the Birddog, an underwear-free workout short line.

As soon as he began selling the shorts, all of his stock sold out. After that, he invested the profits in producing more shorts and began to market them online; soon, the business was profitable. They also appeared on Shark Tank season 9.

Birddogs on Shark Tank

Peter and Chris appeared on television wearing bright-colored shorts as the founders of Birddogs. Their request for $250,000 for 1.5 percent equity stunned everyone.

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A demo was given to the Sharks, which demonstrated how the shorts included a lining that was layered inside. As a result, underpants are not required. 

When Lori asks the company for its revenue, they tell her $200,000 was made the first year, $2 million the following year, with $6 million expected in 2018. Lori doesn’t understand how that’s possible.

In the end, when Peter is asked why the company hasn’t created an inventory, he replies that it would be too risky.

Their story confuses Robert, so he decides to withdraw. In addition, Daymond John criticizes the aristocratic mindset of the founder and pulls out of the deal. As a result, they did not get a deal on Shark Tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Birddogs After Shark Tank Deal?

It’s been a while since they appeared on Shark Tank. After not getting a deal, how is business going?

Despite the lack of an official update, sales have increased since the episode was broadcast. If anything, the show plays to the company’s advantage by serving as a “promotion”. They have also received some criticism on the internet as well for their arrogance.

Birddogs recently gave its customers a free “Dad Hat” when they purchased three or more pairs of shorts.

Who Are The Founders Of Birddog Shorts?

Peter Baldwin is the founder of birddog shorts. He founded birddog shorts when he became frustrated with the tightness of his jeans while travelling. He worked as an IBM sales executive before he decided to leave the corporate ladder.

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