Bobbi Althoff Net Worth 2023: Biography, Age, Husband & Other Information


Bobbi Althoff Net Worth

$400,000 – $500,000



Date Of Birth

July 31st 1997


26 years old

Place of Birth

California, United States of America




TikTok Star

Zodiac Sign



Update Soon


Update Soon

Bobbi Althoff

Bobbi Althoff is a short-form content creator and a TikTok star, Bobbi Althoff net worth $500,000. She is popular for uploading short videos on her TikTok account about her married life which features her husband and child, fashion try-on videos, and beauty routines.

Bobbi Althoff is recognized on TikTok for her charming smiles, stunning seems, amazing temperament, and modeling poses. Due to this, she stands out from other male and female content creators on TikTok, amassing a greater audience.

Apart from her physique, what makes her stand out is that she is excellent at lip-synchronizes on TikTok, recording her videos. She also schedules her videos at perfect times which increases views on her TikTok videos.

Bobbi Althoff Net Worth

Bobbi Althoff net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 to $500,000. Bobbi Althoff net worth is also very much still on the rise.

Bobbi Althoff’s Instagram

Apart from TikTok, Bobbi Althoff is also pretty famous on Instagram. She has about 396,000 followers on her Instagram account. She is regarded for her eye-having Instagram photo posts and video clips. Before long, Bobbi Althoff will also post pictures of her modeling shoots on her Instagram for her huge following to see and admire.

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Bobbi Althoff’s Family

Bobbi Althoff is indeed married. The name of her husband is Cory Althoff. They both are living a joyous and beautiful life together. They also have a baby girl named Richard. This name has particularly been a source of hatred from Bobbi Althoff’s peers.

Debates about Bobbi Althoff’s Baby Girl’s Name

As other unusual baby names have been subjected to debates online, Bobbi Althoff’s baby girl’s name was also subject to a debate between open-minded people and traditionalists. After people commented that they felt sorry for the baby girl for being named Richie, Bobbi Althoff made a video responding to such hate comments.

Bobbi Althoff stated that she had wanted a boy, but had gotten a girl. She named her Richie anyways. She further said that the baby girl loved the name Richie, so she did not understand why other people have a problem with it.

While some people expressed their sadness and criticism for the baby being named a boy’s name, others could relate to the situation. They responded to Bobbi Althoff’s video with comments saying that they themselves had girls with boys’ names.

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