Bobby George Cleveland Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Bobby George Cleveland Net Worth

$10 million



Date Of Birth

December 15, 1945


78 years old

Place of Birth

United States of America







Zodiac Sign



5 feet and 8 inches


77 kilograms

Bobby George net worth and salary: Bobby George is a Darts Player who has a net worth between $5 Million and $10 Million . Bobby George was born in in December 15, 1945.

Bobby George Cleveland is a Town Hall owner and a restauranteur. He is famous too in Cleveland, Ohio, for his bars and restaurants, as he owns about twenty of those around the United States of America.  Some of the bars and restaurants that he owns and runs are pretty successful too in their respective cities.

However, this leads many people to ignore the thirty other businesses that Bobby George is tied to. Not only that, but he also has about six million square feet of land under his hold.

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Bobby George Cleveland Net Worth

The net worth of Bobby George Cleveland is estimated to be around $5 million to $10 million.

Bobby George Cleveland Early Life

Bobby George’s father, Tony George, has also been an entrepreneur for as long as Bobby George Cleveland has been alive.  Tony George was also famously the owner of numerous bars and restaurants.

Bobby George Cleveland stated that he would always see his father working hard. This led to Bobby George Cleveland thinking that this is the only way how someone makes a living, i.e. working hard and constantly.

Hence, this normalized working days, as there was no work-life balance in Bobby George’s family. Everything and everyone has work. Tony George would wake up, go to work, come back and go to bed. So, it was basically an eat-sleep-work-repeat routine for the folks in Bobby George’s family.

All that Bobby George Cleveland saw his father do was work. So he felt he knew what he had to do and what his expectations were. As a competitive person, Bobby George Cleveland would always try to work more than his father would, and never let his father outwork him.

Thus, Bobby George Cleveland would always put in the same amount of work that his father would put in, if not more. And Bobby George did such amounts of work in everything that he did, whether it was sports or any other chore.

This competitiveness and persistent hard work helped Bobby George Cleveland see success in his initial investments as it made him outwork all his problems and hurdles.

Bobby George Cleveland Career

Bobby George Cleveland attended and graduated from Ohio University, having studied economics and finance. Following his graduation, Bobby George Cleveland planned to join well-established firms.

Having worked in internships through school helped Bobby George Cleveland learn a lot about running a business and owning one. Thereafter, in 2003, he met Jeff Maine and they both signed a deal to own a nightclub in Akron named Barley House in equal share.

About a year later, Jeff Maine and Bobby George Cleveland broke up the deal and went separate ways. Bobby George Cleveland decided to parlay the profits from the deal into four restaurants. Later that year, he was able to own all four of the restaurants.

Jeff Maine and Bobby George Cleveland partnered a second time too, investing in various restaurants and nightclubs. With the passage of time, their investments and business expanded as the restaurants stretched out geographically across Northeast Ohio between Elyria and Painesville.

Following such an experience of investments and expansion of business, Bobby George began to adapt his approach to business. Broadening his investment targets, Bobby George Cleveland started avoiding taking loans of any kind. He also bought various estates in Ohio and outside of Ohio, doing small developments that would increase his revenue.

What Is Bobby George Cleveland Age

Bobby George Cleveland is 78 years old, he was born on December 15, 1945 in the United States of America.

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