Braelin Thomson Net worth and Other Information

Braelin Thomson Net worth and Other Information

Are you interested n Braelin Thomson net worth? Do you wish to know more about her background and relationship status? Here’s that article you need to provide answers to all of these and many more. Braelin Thomson is the daughter of Kelly Rowan and David Kenneth Roy. Braelin Thomson mother Kelly Rowan, s a Canadian actress. The father was around 42 years of age when the adorable girl was given birth to. Here’s a list of other information that may interest you. 

Braelin Thomson net worth

Braelin Thomson Age

Braelin Thomson was given birth to on the 28th of April 2008 making her 14 years old at the moment. Braelin Thomson was given birth to in Canada, the current place both of her parents live in. Let’s look into Braelin Thomson family as well.

Braelin Thomson Family

As explained earlier, Braelin Thomson’s mother is Kelly Rowan. Kelly Rowan is a film and television actress and former fashion model from Canada. Her hometown is Ottawa which makes her a native of Ottawa. Kelly studied acting both in London and New York before she finally settled to work as a model. Kelly Rowan Networth is estimated to be around $25 million. Moreso, Braelin Thomson’s father, David Kenneth Roy is the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet.

Braelin Thomson Height and Weight

Since Braelin Thomson did not specify her height and weight online, we can only presume what her height and weight can be. To avoid wrong presumptions, a quick glance at her picture can presumably tell her height and maybe her weight too. We’ll be sure to make an update once we are able to get a grip on it.

Braelin Thomson Boyfriend

People tend to want to know who Braelin Thomson is dating or if she is n any relationship at all. As far as we know and from our source, Braeln Thomson is currently single. We can say the adorable little girl is avoiding relationship issues at an early stage of life. 


  1. What is Braelin Thomson age?

Braelin Thomson was born on April 28, 2008, so she’s 14 years old.

  1. Braelin Thomson mother

Kelly Rowan

  1. Braelin Thomson father

David Kenneth Roy Thomson

  1. Braelin Thomson boyfriend

She is currently single

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