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Browndages is a brand that manufactures and sells different types of bandages, and browndages net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

These bandages vary from color to color and are particularly targeted toward children. Founded by Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi, in Colombus, Ohio, Browndages aims to provide inclusive bandages to people of color so that everyone feels utmost comfort using them.

Browndages Net Worth

As of 2023, Browndages net worth is an estimated $500,000. 

Browndages Founders

Browndages net worth

The bandage brand was founded when Intisar Bashir, and her husband, Rashid Mahdi, saw that bandages did not match the color of their skin when bandages are meant to be the color of your skin.

Thus, the couple decided to start a business initially focusing on bandages for adults that would reflect various shades of skin color, from ebony to sand. Intisar Bashir’s father had a shoe store, and she grew up working in that store.

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So, she knew a lot about running and managing a business, which made it easy for the couple to start and run their own bandage business.

Browndages’ Initial Years

Initially, Browndages focused on manufacturing and selling bandages for adults. Later, the couple’s children expressed great interest in colorful bandages, often with princesses and superheroes on them.

So, Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi would hire an artist to draw images of children as astronauts, and any other thing that the children liked.

This proved to be quite successful as demands for the brand’s bandages increased, especially for the colorful children’s bandages.

The idea became so famous that only a few months after Browndages initiated this idea, the company ran out of its projected 2020 inventory.

Browndages During Shark Tank

The founders and the current owners of the bandages brand, Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi, entered Shark Tank, seeking $75,000 in exchange for a 7.5% equity in the company. The couple pitched their company by stating the revenue that the company made in 2020 i.e., $135,000.

The Sharks loved the idea and the message that the brand was spreading but was intimidated by the vastness of the bandage industry. They feared that Browndages might not be able to perform that well.

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Kevin O’Leary, planning to take on the big players in the bandages industry and collaborate with them, offered $75,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the company. Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John made a combined deal of offering $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company for all three of them.

Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi countered by offering 7.5% equity each for the same amount of investment. Though, Mark Cuban offered to add an additional $75,000 to help keep the stock on hand. In the end, the couple managed to bring the Sharks to agree to a 25% stake split between the two and ultimately having a positive impact on Brownages net worth.

What Happened to Browndages After Shark Tank Deal?

After securing the deal at Shark Tank, the company got a lot of recognition, and demands for their products increased dramatically which in turn increased Browndages net worth.

The company also increased its products to selling bundles, pajamas, books, and first aid kits. Browndages currently has an online website where customers can browse through the products and order them online.

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