Bug Bite Thing Net Worth, Bug Bite Thing Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

Bug Bite Thing is a company that specifically sells a suction tool that alleviates the stinging, itching, and swelling caused by bug bites stings. The suction tool suctions and extracts the saliva or venom of the bug which is left behind in the skin after a bug bite. This chemical-free, reusable insect bite relief tool is priced at $10.

Full name Bug Bite Thing
Bug Bite Thing Net Worth More than $15 million 
Founded by Kelley Higney
Founded in 2013
Product A suction tool that alleviates stinging, itching, and swelling caused by bug bites
Business status In-business

Chief Executive Officer 

Kelley Higney

Bug Bite Thing Net Worth

Bug Bite Thing net worth is estimated to be more than $15 million.

Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing History

The founder and current CEO of Bug Bite Thing is Kelly Higney, who states that she got the idea for a product that extracts saliva or venom from a bug bite in 2013. While Kelley Higney was working for her family’s import-export business, she found a manufacturer in Denmark that was making the product with a similar idea but only used it in first aid kits.

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Upon negotiating with the manufacturer, Kelley Higney and the manufacturer agreed to market and sell the product to the US consumer market.

Kelley Higney states that Lori Greiner, from Shark Tank, has been a strong advocate for the product and has assisted her in many ways, such as negotiating a lucrative deal with the manufacturer in Denmark. Though, she states, that the most essential benefit that Greiner brought was that it brought credibility to Bug Bite Thing.

Bug Bite Thing During Shark Tank

The mother-daughter duo that managed Bug Bite Thing entered Shark Tank, seeking $150,000 for an exchange of a 10% stake in the firm. This was exactly what they got as Lori Greiner offered the exact amount for the same share in the firm.

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What Happened to Bug Bite Thing After Shark Tank?

Before the deal at Shark Tank, Bug Bite Thing was available in only three countries, namely the United States of America, Canada, and South Korea through the company’s official website and CVS Pharmacy.

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Though, after the Shark Tank deal, with the help from Greiner in the form of her knowledge of the retail landscape, it is now available in twenty-five countries and twenty-five major retail locations, including Walmart and Home Depot and has boosted Bug Bite Thing net worth greatly.

On Amazon, in the insect bite relief category, the product is tagged the No. 1 Selling Product, with over 300,000 views, all praising the amazing product.

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