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Chord Buddy is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn guitar chords quickly. It’s always been hard for people to learn chords when they want to learn guitar. You can start playing real songs right away with this guitar learning system. 

The most attractive characteristic of this method is that it simplifies all stages and explains them in an easy way, making learning music a pleasure.

Also, strumming and picking are easy with Chord Buddy because you don’t have to worry about chords so much. With ChordBuddy, playing guitar is as easy as pie. 

Company Name Chord Buddy
Chord Buddy Net Worth $6 Million
Pitch Guitar Accessory
Asked For $125,000 for 10%
Deal $125,000 for 25%
Shark Robert Herjavec
Founded by Travis Perry

Chord Buddy Net Worth

When Chord Buddy appeared on Shark Tank, it was valued at $1.25 million. As of 2022, Chord Buddy has a net worth of $6 million.

About Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy Net Worth

Guitar not only enhances your creativity but also helps you be a better friend. There is no better tool for learning guitar than ChordBuddy. Those who love guitar and ukulele will find it to be an ideal learning aid.

There is no doubt that taking a guitar lesson can be an absolute pain. Chord Buddy’s self-learning system fits easily around the guitar’s neck and simplifies the process of learning guitar chords.

Using the Chord Buddy, you can play guitar instantly, which saves you a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent practicing your hand position and getting calluses. With Chord Buddy, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues again.

How Does it Work?

The unique design contains four colored buttons, representing four of the most common chords: E minor, D minor, G minor, and C minor. All you have to do is press the green button and a C chord will be performed. The red button creates a D chord. Strumming and hitting the four guitar buttons can lead to hundreds of songs.

The purpose of Chord Buddy is not to serve as a crutch. With this system, you’ll gradually delete buttons as you develop your chord playing skills. After two months of using Chord Buddy, you will be able to play guitar independently.

Chord Buddy Founder

Travis Perry designed this system primarily for his daughter so that she could learn to play the instrument. 

Frustration and painful fingertips are common reasons for people to quit learning guitar. Both of these problems are solved with Chord Buddy.

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Deal

Travis Perry entered the Shark Tank with the goal of raising $125,000 for his business.

In exchange, he was willing to put up 10% equity. Despite the fact that chord Buddy only cost him $7, he sold them for $49.95.

Finally, he got offers from four sharks, all of whom were asking for 20% in exchange for $125 000 without partnering with him.

Did they succeed in securing a deal?

As per Shark Tank Success, the Chord Buddy deals were regarded as some of the best deals that have been made in Shark Tank.

The first thing Robert Herjevic did was invest the $125 000 he promised along with $50 000 more.

Moreover, Travis had a three-year deal with Lori and QVC, which gave him plenty of TV exposure.

What Happened to Chord Buddy After Shark Tank Deal?

In essence, each Shark’s offer mirrored the other, illustrating Chord Buddy’s profitability and revenue potential.

In Robert’s opinion, working on ChordBuddy with Travis Perry was one of his best career moves.

The price of ChordBuddy remains at $49.95, although it can be used with other guitars. ChordBuddy is also available on Amazon. Besides the main product, ChordBuddy also offers tuners and gift bags. 

Chord Buddy Current Situation

In the wake of Travis’ Shark Tank appearance, Travis’ product has enjoyed tremendous success on Amazon.

The market for Travis’ product grew, and music legend John Rich helped market the product.

Chord Buddy is valued at $1.2 million by investors, and has been running smoothly since its inception.

This business had already made more than $500k prior to the appearance on Shark Tank. In the aftermath of their grand debut, their revenue reached $1.5 million.

By 2022, Chord Buddy is making $ 1 million a year and is still going strong. In terms of his business, Travis hopes to operate it for the rest of his life.

Chord Buddy YouTube Channel

It is also worth mentioning that Travis has a YouTube channel named Chord Buddy, on which he uploads videos on how to play songs using ChordBuddy. In this way, beginners who don’t know how chord buddy works can learn to play guitar really easily. 

On this channel, you can watch a video about how chord buddy is created. The following video is for those of you who are curious to know:
Credit: Chord Buddy

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