Coss Marte Net Worth 2023; Age, Biography & Other Information.

Are you curious about Coss Marte net worth? From Being a Convict to being a Business Man,  Coss Marte is the CEO of  CONBODY  a trendy prison-style boot camp. Coss Marte’s story is that of hope, resilience and determination.  He was in and out of prison for years before he became the success story he is today. Today Coss Marte is a role model to both ex-convicts and non ex-convicts.


A native of America born in New York City Metropolitan Area, Coss Marte grew up in the lower east area. Growing up he didn’t have much, he comes from a one parent home, where his mother had to do odd jobs to to provide for the family. He wanted more than his mother could provide for him and he was determined to have all the fine things in life at all costs, which will later land him in jail. By the time he was 13, he was already selling drugs and by the age of 19, he had made multi-million dollars selling drugs. Before the age of 23 he was already  in and out of jail more than eight times.

During his last arrest, he was told by the Physicians in jail that he was overweigh that his cholesterol level was dangerous, he had less than 5 years to live. Determined not to die in prison, he started working out and he eventually lost up to 70pounds. After spending 4 years in prison, he was released,. However it was difficult for him to get a job as an ex-convict. Since he was already into fitness he started training people. After so many, hurdles and stumbles, he was able to rent his first training space in 2016, and gradually CONBODY has become a huge success today.

What sets CONBODY apart from other fitness centre is the fact that most of the instructors are people who are formerly incacerated. This is done in order to make it easy for formerly incarcerated people to get jobs easily and also to encourage others to employ formerly incarcerated people.

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Coss Marte Net Worth

Coss Marte gets his income from his budding business, CONBODY, presently the business has more than one fitness centre. Although it is not possible to state his exact net worth, Coss Marte his estimated to have a net worth of $6million.Coss marte net worth

Coss Marte Age

Although, there is  no known information about his actual date of birth. Coss Marte  is presently 33 years of age.

Coss Matre Wife

Coss Marte is a married man. His wife is named Roxie Velas. According to close sources, the two make a wonderful couple. Coss Marte is also blessed with a wonderful son.

In conclusion, Coss Marte is a man who has turned a traumatizing and hopeless situation into a hopeful and purposeful one and is helping others do the same.

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