Credit Karma Net Worth: How Much Is Credit Karma Worth?

Credit Karma Net Worth

$1 billion

Company Type

Finance Company


Kenneth Lin

Year Founded



United States of America

Credit Karma is a personal finance company based in the United States of America. The company was founded in 2007 and it offers various services related to financial management and providing a credit-free platform.

Currently, as of this writing, Credit Karma offers its services in three countries, which are the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Credit Karma is pretty popular among its users and the relevant audience for its free services. Though, the company makes money, too, through advertisements for various financial products.

Credit Karma Net Worth

Credit Karma’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 billion. The lead investors in Credit Karma are SV Angel and Silver Lake Partners.

Credit Karma’s History

Credit Karma was founded and launched in 2007 by Kenneth Lin in San Francisco. The official website of the company was launched in February 2008, which was when it went live for the company’s customers. Some of the earliest investors in the company at the time were Mark Lefanowicz and Chris Larson.

The idea of the company first came up in the minds of Kenneth Lin, and the company’s co-founders, Nichole Mustard, and Ryan Graciano. They believed that people should always have access to their financial data and credit for free. Thus, Credit Karma was established.

How Credit Karma Works

Being one of the leading companies in the fintech industry, Credit Karma has a reputation for maintaining the financial well-being of its customers and having overall positive customer satisfaction as the company ensures that its users have complete transparency regarding financial data.

Users can make an account on the platform for free. They can use Credit Karma’s website on a desktop or one of the company’s mobile apps. After signing up, users can access their credit information. The users do not have to link their credit cards with Credit Karma. This ensures that the users do not worry about any hidden charges from their credit cards.

Users can use the platform’s tools at any time of the year, without being charged or restricted. They will also get recommendations regarding various credit-related services based on the information provided to the platform.

Credit Karma also regularly analyzes credit information and helps users check their credit health. This ensures that all the credit information and financial data are kept safe. The platform also has a policy of not selling away any of its users’ information to third parties.

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