Disco Dean Net Worth 2023; Age, Biography and Other Information

In the world of Drag car race, Disco Dean. has carved a name and legacy for himself. Without letting anything stop him, he went for his childhood dreams and today he is one of the  most successful drag car racers.

 Who is Disco Dean?

A nickname he shares with his father, Disco Dean is a popular name in the world of drag car race. He is not only a successful car racer but, he is also a reality tv star. Disco Dean is a native of America, he was born in,  Fairborn, Ohio, United States. He joined drag racing making it almost 18years of career in drag racing. His favorite car is his Stinky Pink which he custom made himself by shipping its part from various countries of the world. Disco Dean Comes from a family of race car lovers, so its no surprise that he grew up to become a car racer. It was reported his mother would go watch car races even when she was pregnant with him.

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Disco Dean Real Name

Disco Dean’s real name is Dean Karns but he is popularly known as Disco Dean, this is a nickname he shares with his father. According to him, his father was called Disco because he danced a lot in the 1960s and 70s, Dean Karns too is a lover of dance. His favorite dance moves according to him is the “Cabbage Patch”.

Is Disco Dean Married?

Yes, Disco Dean is a married man, his wife’s name is Jackie Karns. The two got married on 7th of January 2007. the couple are blessed with a beautiful daughter called Kyli Faith Karns.

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How old is Disco Dean?

Disco Dean is 48years old he was in Fairborn Ohio on 12th January 1975.

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What Does Disco Dean Do For A Living?

Disco Dean is professional Car Racer and also a reality tv star, he has featured in some episodes of the TV series called Outlaws. Through his dedication to his craft, Disco Dean has built a fortune for himself and he is currently worth $2million. His major source of income is profession as a car racer.

Disco Dean Height& Weight

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