DynoSafe Net Worth, Founder, Shark Tank Deal, Current Status (Updated)

DynoSafe is the first smart home-enabled lockbox that keeps items in the right temperature. It is a unique American start-up founded by Rebecca Romanucci and Eric Romanucci.

Below is DynoSafe Net Worth 

Company name DynoSafe
Founders  Rebecca Romanucci and Eric Romanucci
Product Temperature-controlled porch safe
DynoSafe Net Worth  $600,000 (Last Updated 2022)

DynoSafe Net Worth 

In 2022, DynoSafe is estimated to have a net worth of $600,000.

Founder’s Story

Rebecca Romanucci and Eric Romanucci founded Dyno Safe in 2016 as an American startup. 

The safes were designed by Rebecca, a former nurse who founded the company. For DynoSafe, she holds a number of patents, such as one for AI interactions with robots and electric vehicles.

Safes give clients a secure way to accept deliveries at their homes. Their purpose is to keep porch pirates at bay and make sure that food is delivered at a specific temperature. The entire process can be controlled by a mobile app. Orders can be placed online with the special delivery code provided.

In order to prevent theft, the delivery person unlocks the DynoSafe using the code, then locks it after storing the product in it. With the app, you can also change the temperature of DynoSafe for the food delivery. As soon as the delivery has been made and everything is fine, you’ll receive a notification from the app.

Since the starting date of the product, the product is in pre-revenue. By filling out a form on their website, you can join their waitlist. Rebecca came up with this concept to help people who can’t get around crowded stores and want to get their stuff delivered.

DynoSafe’s Shark Tank Appearance

Shark Tank’s Season 12 featured a couple pitching DynoSafe, which is a smart lockbox that keeps home deliveries safe and cool. It’s an app-controlled safe with temperature control.

In exchange for 15 percent equity, Eric and Rebecca Romanucci sought an investment of $150,000. A deal was reached with Robert Herjavec: $150,000 for 25% of the company, and he and Mark Cuban both got board seats.

DynoSafe Today

Robert signed a deal with DynoSafe on April 2, 2021, in the company’s Shark Tank episode. As of 2022, the deal had not yet been closed.

As of 2022, the company is still in pre-order and has not fully commenced operations. Currently, Eric and Rebecca are in discussions with online retailers and retail stores to find logistics partners.

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