Fat Lad at the Back Net Worth, History, Gears (Updated)

Fat Lad at the Back, also known as FLAB, is a business that manufactures and sells cycling clothes and gears in a wide range of sizes. The business was founded by Richard Bye, who proclaims himself as a ‘fat lad’ and is based in Yorkshire.

Cycling clothes and gears, for both men and women, can be bought through the official website, which offers a wide range of sizes for the clothe and gears, and offers multiple other products as well related to cycling.

Full company nameFat Lad at the Back Limited
Founded in3rd September 2013
Founded byRichard Bye
Based inWest Yorkshire
Company typePrivate limited with share capital
Business statusIn-business
ProductsCycling clothes and gears
Number of employeesLess than 10
Fat Lad at the Back Net Worth$120,000 (Last Updated 2022)

Fat Lad at the Back Net Worth

The net worth of Fat Lad at the Back is estimated to be around $120,000.

Fat Lad at the Back History

Fat Lad at the Back was founded by ‘fat lad’ Richard Bye in 2013 in Yorkshire. Richard Bye states that he founded the company because he saw a gap in the market for quality cycling gears available in a wider range of sizes.

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Thus, he decided to take it upon himself to provide consumers with a wider range of sizes in cycling gear and clothing, which Richard Bye considered to be very important.

Richard Bye, and his team, did not just want to resize the gears. He wanted to redesign the gears as well to make them more comfortable and convenient for cyclers so that it fits the new average size of cyclers.

Fat Lad at the Back Name History

When asked regarding the name of the company, Richard Bye stated that Fat Lad at the Back was actually his nickname.

He had other nicknames, but they were not publishable. He also thinks that Fat Lad at the Back is a pretty cool name for a sportswear band.

Fat Lad at the Back Men’s Cycling Gear

Cycling gear and clothes for men at the Fat Lad at the Back are available in sizes 36 – 52’’ chests. The company has created longer-length cycling jerseys and jackets, adding larger sizes with more room across the chest, shoulders, and tummy.

The sizes range from S to 6XL, with the most popular sizes being 2XL to 6XL. Each size has been developed individually, based on the specifics and pattern placement of cyclists.

Fat Lad at the Back Women’s Cycling Gear

Women’s cycling gear and clothing have been prepared to fit the natural curve of women’s bodies, and they offer an exceptional fit, no matter the physique.

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Before developing the clothes and gear, the company asked a hundred women what the clothing should be like to ensure maximum convenience for women. Consequently, longer-length jerseys and jackets have been designed, ensuring that you don’t feel exposed.

The size of the gear range from S to 6XL, each being designed individually based on specifics and pattern placement of cyclists.

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