Fling Golf Net Worth; Fling Golf Shark Tank Deal


Net Worth

$1.2 million

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Fling Golf


Alex Van Allen








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Fling Golf Net Worth


Fling Golf is a unique sport that is very similar to golf. It is described by many as entertaining, natural, and a sporty alternative to orthodox golf. Fling Golf, instead of using the traditional golf stick, uses a Fling Stick.

This Fling Stick resembles the traditional golf stick, but it has a compact and stiff lacrosse basket instead of a club head. The head of the club has a cavity where golfers have to put the ball before flinging it across the course. On its side, there is also a striker pad to put the ball over short distances.

The guidelines of the sport are available on the sport’s official online website. Fling Golf is said to be invented to make traditional golf less boring as the idea behind the sport is to make golf less complicated and more entertaining.

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Fling Golf Net Worth

Fling Golf’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million.

Fling Golf History

The founder of Fling Golf, Alex Van Allen, used to combine sports and play them with his brother when they were both young. One combination of sports that they came up with was golf with lacrosse sticks. This became a lifetime obsession for Alex Van Allen.

Thus, he set out to make a stick that would allow him to fling a golf ball about two hundred yards away with accuracy. Though, he was sure that no golf course would allow this innovation.

Alex Van Allen brought this idea to Walt Lankau, a Board Member of the National Golf Course Owners Association, and he loved this idea and stated that this innovation was what golf needed as golf had been on the decline since the twentieth century.

More than 170 golf courses started allowing Fling Golf as not much of a change had to be made to golf courses to play this sport.

Fling Golf During Shark Tank

Alex Van Allen and John Pruellage entered Shark Tank seeking $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. This showed that the duo valued their sports company at $3 million. Alex Van Allen, apart from wanting to land a deal with any of the Sharks, wanted exposure for the sport that would attract a lot of new people to the sport.

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In their pitch, Alex and John narrated how the sports started and how the company was founded. They also invite a Shark on stage to try out Fling Golf and Daniel Lubetzky obliged, swinging the Fling Stick in a wide arc.

Kevin O’Leary remarked that he did not believe that the golf courses would allow this and went out. Mark Cuban also thought that it would be very difficult to scale the new sport and went out. Lori Greiner, too, said that she did not agree with the valuation and went out.

Daniel Lubetzky, though, stated that he could help Alex and John get into more golf courses and offered $300,000 in exchange for a 33% stake in Fling Golf. Robert Herjavec also offered the same deal as Daniel.

John countered-offered $300,000 in exchange for a 20% stake for each of the Sharks. Daniel Lubetzky said that he will do it for 25% and gave John and Alex five seconds to decide. Eventually, they agreed to Daniel’s offer and went off delighted.

What Happened to Fling Golf After Shark Tank Deal?

Although the agreement was made, the deal did not close off because it is reported that Fling Golf no longer needed the money. Fling Golf made more sales in the forty-eight hours after appearing on Shark Tank than the company usually made in one month.

Fling Golf also got so much exposure after appearing on Shark Tank that the sport is being played at various elite golf courses, like Pebble Beach. A huge number of people have also been joining golf clubs, asking if they are allowed to play Fling Golf.

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