Hermes Net Worth: What Is The Net Worth Of The Second Most Valuable Luxury Brand In The World?

Hermes Net Worth

$218 Billion


Axel Dumas

Year Founded



Thierry Hermes

Location of Headquarters


No of Stores In the world


Type of Brand

Luxury Brand

Hermes International, commonly referred to as Hermes, is a French luxury design house, which was established in 1837. Hermes specializes in various luxury items, which include house furnishings, jewelry, wristwatches, and lifestyle accessories. The logo of Hermes is a Duke carriage with a horse.

Hermes is a public company or brand that falls under the luxury goods category of industry. The current headquarters of Hermes is located in Paris, France.

Hermes Net Worth

The net worth of Hermes is estimated to be more than $128 billion as of this writing (October 2022).

Hermes’ History

Hermes International was founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837. Theirry Hermes was born in Krefeld, Germany. His father was French, while his mother was German. He moved to France with his family in 1828.

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Thierry Hermes founded the Hermes workshop in 1837 in France in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris. This specific place was dedicated to serving European noblemen, so this prestigious site was chosen.

Thierry Hermes started out with leather works and widened his workshop’s products to watches, home furnishings, and perfumes over the years. He used to take detailed measurements for riders and their horses and then make saddles. Soon, Theirry Hermes won several awards for the high-quality saddles that his workshop produced. Some of the awards included the first prize in its class in the 1850s.

Hermes’ Clients

Thierry Hermes was so skilled that most of his clients included European royal families and noblemen. In fact, one of his clients was Napoleon III himself. This prompted Thierry Hermes to deliver perfection from his workshop so that he could keep serving his clients and earn a reputation.

Thierry Hermes’ Successor

In 1880, Thierry Hermes’ son, Charles-Emile, took over the management of the workshop and started producing and selling saddles and other leather works in retail. Most of the products were specifically sold to the prominent people of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Hermes’ Growth

By the 1950s, Hermes International was already a very popular name in the luxury goods industry and was recognized as a major luxury brand. To further expand the company, it started increasing its products.

Some of the new products introduced at the time include bags and belts, which attracted a lot of wealthy customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

To ensure constant growth, the company continued to release new additions that aligned with the company’s traditions. As the products diversified, jewelry and perfumes were added to the company’s repertoire of products.

Furthermore, Hermes’ stores have been opened in numerous countries around the world. As of this writing, the brand has more than three hundred stores around the world. The largest store is reported to be located at the Dubai Mall.

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