Jenny Coco Net Worth 2023, Age, Husband, Biography & Other Information

Do you wish to know more about Jenny Coco net worth, age, biography and other persona information about her? We have all the information you need right here. Jenny Coco is one of the brave and successful women breaking grounds and achieving tremendous success in a male dominated industry.

Jenny Coco Brief Biography

Who is Jenny Coco? Jenny Coco is the CEO of Coco group. Coco group is a Building Materials Company located in Canada. Till date Coco group remains the largest and the most successful road building and construction company in Canada. The Company was established in 1964 by William and Nina Coco. Jenny Coco has maintained the position as the Coco group CEO for more than 17 years and the company continues to record continuous success year after year under her brilliant leadership.

Jenny Coco is a native of Canada, she hails from Sarina Ontario in Canada. She was born and raised in Canada. Currently she lives in Canada, where the Coco group is located.

Jenny Coco net worth

Educational Background

After high school, Jenny Coco attended the University of Windsor, where she obtained a MBA in Finance, in the year 1985. She also received an Honorary Doctorate of Law in the year 2012.

Jenny Coco Net Worth

Jenny Coco net worth is estimated to be about $8million. Jenny Coco is the CEO of the largest family owned road building company in Canada, therefore, her net worth is in millions. 

How old is Jenny Coco?

Sadly, we do not have any information on how old Jenny Coco is.

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Is Jenny Coco Married?

Unfortunately, we do not have any information on Jenny Coco’s marital status. We do not know if she is married or dating anyone at the moment.

Jenny Coco Height & Weight

Jenny Coco is 5 feet and 4 inches tall with a body weight of 54 kg

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