Journey Ruth Payne Net Worth, Birthday, Age, and Other Information


Net Worth $5 Million
Real Name Journey Ruth
Nationality American
Place of Birth United States
Gender Female
Age 6 Years Old
Date of Birth January 01, 2017
Parents Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn


Are you curious about Journey Ruth Payne age? Read on and discover everything you need to know about Journey Ruth Payne. Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn are both Journey Ruth Payne parents, respectively. Natalie Nunn, Ruth Payne mother was actually a reality television participant who gave birth to Ruth Payne at the age of 32 years old. Find out more about Journey Ruth Payne net worth and other information.

Journey Ruth Payne Net Worth

Journey Ruth Payne Net Worth

As of December 2022, Journey Ruth Payne’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million.

Journey Ruth Payne Age

Many people ask questions about the beautiful girl’s age. Indisputably, Journey Ruth Payne was given birth to on January 01, 2017, currently making six years old. She was birthed in America which makes her a citizen of the United States.

Journey Ruth Payne Family

Jacob Payne is Journey Ruth Payne’s father and her mother’s an American reality television participant, Natalie Nunn. They both had the beautiful girl on the first day of the year and month in 2017.

Journey Ruth Payne Height and Weight

Since Journey Ruth Payne is a fast-growing and healthy young girl, people are always asking about her current height and weight. To avoid any disputable fact, Journey Ruth Payne’s height and weight are currently not on social media but will be updated here once it does.

Other Questions People Ask

  1. When is Journey Ruth Payne’s Birthday?

Journey Ruth Payne’s birthday is the 1st of January, 2017.

  1. How old is Journey Ruth Payne?

She is currently six years old 

  1. Who is Journey Ruth Payne’s father?

Jacob Payne

  1. Who is Journey Ruth Payne’s mother?

Natalie Nunn

  1. Who is Natalie Nunn’s daughter?

Journey Ruth Payne

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