Kristina Khorram Net Worth 2023; Age, Marital Status, Biography & Other Information.

Today, we will be talking about Kristina Khorram net worth, age, biography, family life and other personal information.

Like the saying goes, “behind every successful man is a woman”. Well, this is the right way to describe the relationship between Sean Diddy and Kristina Khoram. All hip hop lovers know who the legendary Sean Diddy is, have you ever wondered how he runs things behind the curtains and those who are always supportive of him, seeing to his success? Because it is difficult for one man to attain all that level of success on his own without support. Well that woman behind his success is Kristina Khoram.

Who is Kristina Khorram?

Kristina Khoram is the Chief of staff of the Combs Enterprise, a business owned by the hip hop legend Sean Diddy. Combs Enterprise is a diverse portfolio of business that deals with music, fashion, fragrance, beverages, television, media properties and so on. With the huge diversity of the business, it is quiet difficult for Diddy alone to maintain and see to the success of the business. But Kristina Khoram makes sure everything is put in the right place and order.

According to Diddy, while celebrating her on her birthday, he described her as his right hand woman who is always got his back, his day to day manager, she makes sure he smiles everyday and prevents him from going into dark places. Must be nice for Diddy to have such a great person around him always.

Kristina Khorram Net Worth

Kristina Khoram net worth is around $3 million to $8 million. However , it is difficult to tell what a person’s exact net worth is as it changes from time to time.

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Kristina Khorram Age

Krisina Khoram was is 35 years old. However, there is no valid source of information on what her exact date of birth is, all the information we have on her age is the year she was born, which is 1988.

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Kristina Khorram net worth

Kristina Khorram Husband

There is no known information on what her marital status is, so it is difficult to tell who she is married to or if she isn’t married.

Kristina Kroham is active on social media. She is active on Instagram and on LinkedIn. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California in The United States of America.

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