Lindy And Jlo Net Worth 2023, Age, Biography And Other Information


Lindy and Jlo is a famous youtube  channel owned by a married couple. The youtube channel called “lindyandjlo was launched in January 2007 in the United States of America. The couple got their inspiration for the channel by just loving playing pranks on each other at home,Their youtube channel is a lifestyle channel where pranking for fun and laughter is showcased.

Lindy and Jlo net worth

Lindy and Jlo Real Name

Lindy and Jlo is a famous youtube  channel owned by a married couple whose real names are Lindy Lowry and her husband Jarret

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Lindy and Jlo Net Worth

Lindy and Jlo are one of the most successful youtubers at this time, their YouTube channel, “lindyandjlo” which has 410 videos, have gained 1.74M subscribers and 944,113,723 views. Lindy and Jlo both worth millions. As at this year 2023, Lindy and Jlo net worth is $600,000. Lindy and Jlo are active not only on Youtube but also on Instagram. 

Marital Status

Lindy and Jlo tied the knots in October 1, 2011. The couple have 3 beautifu children, a boy and two girls. According to close sources Lindy and Jlo are a wonderful and lovable couple.

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