Mister Cartoon Net Worth 2023; What is Mister Cartoon Net Worth in 2023?

Mister Cartoon Net Worth

$14 million



Date of Birth

May 18, 1970


53 years old

Place of Birth

Los Angeles Carlifonia, USA




Graffiti Artist, Tattoo Artist, Logo Designer



Zodiac Sign


Marital Status



Julie M


5 feet and 8 inches


80 kilograms

Mister Cartoon is a graffiti artist and a tattoo artist in the United States of America. Specifically, he is based in Los Angeles, California, as he grew up in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles County. His real name is Mark Machado and he has designed various logos and tattooed various bodies.

Mark Machado is a renowned personality in the United States of America, commonly known as Mister Cartoon or simply Cartoon. He is famous because he has worked with numerous other famous personalities in the United States of America, having designed cars and logos for various brands.

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Mister Cartoon Net Worth

Mister Cartoon’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $15 million.

Mister Cartoon’s Early Life

Mark Machado, also known as Mister Cartoon, was born in Los Angeles, California, on 18th May 1970. He was born to middle-class parents, who moved to the Harbor Area of Los Angeles, California, where Mister Cartoon was raised. Mister Cartoon has also lived in Redondo, Torrence, and Gardena as his parents had to move to several places during Mark Machado’s childhood.

As Mister Cartoon grew up in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles, he started airbrushing lowrider cars and T-shirts. He had an interest since he was only twelve years old. He used to paint on walls, do graffiti, and would paint portraits of other people’s cars.

After that, he started following another tattoo art style, known as the Fineline Style. This style was developed in the California prison system. Mister Cartoon was also obsessed with the culture of his environment i.e. the music, the lowriders, and the fashion.

Mister Cartoon’s Career

Mister Cartoon has tattooed the bodies of many renowned personalities in the United States of America, which include Eminem, Method Man, Bully Ray, Prodigy, Kurt Sutter, Adil Omar, Lewis Hamilton, Travis Barker, and countless others. He has also designed logos for various brands, for instance, Cypress Hill.

Apart from that, Mister Cartoon’s work has been used by numerous companies, which include T-Mobile, Toyota, and Nike. He has also worked for the famous game Grand Theft Auto. Not long ago, Mister Cartoon worked with the Topps company, working on a special trading card project, which depicts former and current baseball players.

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