Mordy Getz Net Worth 2023; Age, Wife Biography & Other Information

Ever heard of the name Mordy Getz? Are you curious to know more about him? What Mordy Getz net worth is, his biography, family life and faith? We have all the information you need right here.

Who is Mordy Getz?

Mordy Getz is a successful Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. He is Levelup’s Chief executive officer. Levelup is a team of like minded people who are passionate about making good healthcare accessible to less the privileged individuals. Mordy got his inspiration to help others get good health services from his personal experience.

Mordy Getz is a cancer survivor, he had to grow through various cancer treatments in order to survive, as someone who has a first hand experience of how detrimental cancer can be, and also how it can be difficult for cancer survivors to go back to normal life, he decided to use his experience to help others going through one illness or the other. Apart from making free health accessible to the less the privileged he also provides all sort of things, from food to books and many other things to the less privileged. DuringĀ  the Covid pandemic he helped a lot families, especially families who have lost the bread winners, scale through that period.

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Mordy Getz is a native of America. He was born and bred in the United States of America, he is of the white ethnicity. Mordy Getz is Jewish by faith and he is devoted to his faith. Mordy Getz is also active on social media, he is active on Twitter, Instagram and on LinkedIn.

Mordy Getz net worth

Mordy Getz Net Worth

Mordy Getz net worth is about $2million- $6million. It is however difficult to state the exact net worth of an individual as it changes from time to time.

Mordy Getz Age

Although there is no valid source of information on when and where he was born, Mordy Gatz is rumored to be 39years old.

Mordy Getz Wife

Mordy Getz is a married man, however there is no known information about who is wife is and what her name is. Also he has a son but there is no information on what his name is.

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Mordy Getz Height Weight & Physical Features

There is no valid source of information on Mody Getz’s height, weight and other physical features.

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