Mr Krabs Net worth 2023; Age, Wife, Biography & Other Information

Are you curious about Mr Krabs net worth, his real name, age, biography and other personal information about him?

Ever heard of the popular animated television series called Sponge Bob Square Pants? We are pretty sure that any lover of the nickelodeon channel must have heard of it. Even if you are not, you must have heard of it at one point in time or the other because it is very popular amongst kids and adults.

If you have ever came across Sponge Bob  Square Pants then you must have also heard of one of the most famous characters of the animated series called  Mr Krabs. Mr Krabs is on of the most beloved characters of the show. Today we are going to talk about Mr Krabs, his real name, age, birthday, marital status and so many other personal information about him. Let’s dig in.

Who is Mr Krabs?

Mr Krabs is one of the  main Characters of the animated televisoin series called Sponge Bob Square Pants. According to the series, Mr Krabs is the owner of the restaurant called  Krusty Krab, according to the series he only cares about money and making more money to the extent that he treats his staffs and his daughter, badly, because, he puts money before them. He is also the employer of SpongeBob and Squidward. Mr Krabs is ambidextrous and also sings beautifully in a female voice.

Mr Krabs net worth

Mr Krabs Net Worth

Mr Krabs net worth is estimated to be $5.2 million Dollars.

Mr Krabs Real Name

Mr Krabs real name is Eugene Harold Krabs. But he is popularly known as Mr Krabs.

Mr Krabs Age

Eugene Harol Krabs popularly known as Mr Krabs is 81years old, he was born on 30th, November 1942, in the United States of America.

Mr Krabs Wife

According to the show, Mr Krabs is not married as his wife’s name was not at all mentioned in the series.

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Mr Krabs Daughter

Mr Krabs has a beautiful daughter named Pearl, who is a young whale.

Mr Krabs Height & Weight

Mr Krabs is 5feet and 3inches tall with a body weight of 0.141748.

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Mr Krabs is very active on social media,. He is active on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram. He has 13.2k followers on Instagram, 7.2 million followers on Facebook.

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