Nader Masadeh Net Worth 2023; Age, Wife, Biography & Other Information


Net Worth $4 million dollars
Real Name Nader Masadeh
Nationality Jordanian
Gender Male
Profession CEO of Wing & Rings
Age 49years old
College University of Cincinnati, Xavier University


Want to find out more about Nader Masadeh? What is Nader Masadeh net worth? Who is Nader Masdeh Wife? What is Nader Masadeh Age? What is Nader Masadeh Nationality? What is Nader Masdeh company all about? Nader Masdeh Biography and other personal information about him? We have all the information you need right below.

For ages now, America has become the land of hope and dreams for lots of people around the world, it has become a land where a lot of immigrants have been given the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams. One Such Immigrant is Nader Masadeh the CEO and President of Wings & Rings.

Nader Masadeh Net worth

Nader Masadeh net worth is $4 million dollars. Although it is difficult to state the exact net worth of a person as it changes from time to time. Nader Masadeh is a very successful entrepreneur, he is the CEO of a restaurant franchise that has up to 65 units globally; it does not come as a surprise that his net worth is in the millions.

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Nader Masadeh Biography

Nader Masadeh is the CEO and the President of Wings & Rings. He was born in Jordan, but he moved from Jordan to Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States of America at the age of 14. He graduated from the university of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later attended Xavier University where he obtained a Masters degree of business administration in International Business and Negotiations.

With his educational background coupled with the fact that he was born into a  family of restauranteurs, it was easy quiet natural for him to easily get into the Restaurant Business. Today he is the President and CEO of Wing & Rings, a club-level sports restaurant and bar franchise that now has more than 65 units globally.

Wings & Rings according to the vision of the CEO, Nader Masadeh, is a club-level restaurant and bar that provides an environment where family and friends, and also sports lovers can bond and socialize over world-class meals carefully made and inspired by world chefs.

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Nader Masadeh net worth

Nader Masadeh Age

Nader Masadeh is 49years old. Although there is no valid source of information about his actual date of birth, Nader Masadeh is rumored to be 49years old.

Nader Masadeh Wife

It is difficult to tell whether Nader Masadeh is married or not as he has always kept his personal life private. There is also no known information on whether he has children or not.

Nader Masadeh Height & Weight

There is no information on how tall Nader Masadeh is, or what his body weight is.

Despite his huge success, Nader Masadeh is not stopping at getting better at what he does and he is ready to record more success. This can be seen during his appearance on CBS’s Undercover Boss. Nader is active on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

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