NexerSys Net Worth, NexerSys Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

NexerSys Net Worth

$20 million

Real Name

Terry Jones








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What is NexerSys net worth? Find out more about the fitness tech company’s financials, seven years after its debt ruined its ‘Shark Tank.

NexerSys is a fitness technology company that generates fun, fast, and effective workouts, and methods to remain physically fit. The exercise system is designed explicitly to train martial artists for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

NexerSys is comprised of a gaming platform that involves motion-sensitive kicking and punching bags. This elaborate punching and kicking system allow martial artists of all ages a quick, efficient, and fun training session.

Whether it is for a professional athlete or a martial enthusiast, NexerSys provides effective martial arts training and fitness sessions that will awaken the Mike Tyson in you.

NexerSys Net Worth

After securing no deal with Shark Tank, it was reported that NexerSys net worth is $20 million. NexerSyns net worth is not certainly attained but should be around that sum.

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NexerSys Owner

Nexersys net worth

Nexersys was founded by Terry Jones, who is also the current owner of the technology company. He also serves as the current Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of the company. He attended Texas A&M University and earned a bachelor’s degree in business.

Terry Jones was very fond of exercising and was looking for a way to practice Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and hold his fitness sessions together. However, no such facility was provided in any of the gyms. Thus, Terry Jones started the NexerSys so that he could combine his martial arts training with his fitness sessions.

After manufacturing the product, Terry Jones started to promote and advertise his product using various social media platforms and print media marketing. In only the first eighteen months, Terry Jones generated more than $4.2 million in sales revenue that boosted NexerSys net worth.

However, he thought that this still was not enough and wanted additional finance to expand his business properly.

NexerSys During Shark Tank

Terry Jones entered Shark Tank, seeking $2 million in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. This indicated that Terry Jones believed that NexerSys net worth is $20 million. After presenting his product, how it works, and how beneficial it is for its users, Terry Jones continued by stating how much the business made in sales in the initial months.

Kevin O’Leary found the product interesting but was not so sure about the valuation of the business that Terry Jones has put. After Daymond John enquired, the debt of the business is also revealed, which is an alarming $7.5 million.

This made the Sharks doubt that Terry Jones could repay the loans that will have a negative impact on NexerSys net worth.

In the end, Terry Jones left Shark Tank securing no deal.

NexerSys After Shark Tank

Although Terry Jones could not come up with any deal with the Sharks, the company has reported a remarkable 450% increase in sales adding to NexerSys net worth.

This big boost in sales revenue has resulted in a big profit for the company. The debt load has also been reduced, but cash money still flows out due to the repayment of the debt.

In addition to that, Terry Jones was able to advertise and promote his company through various social media platforms.

The number of products has also been increased, creating a variety for customers to shop through the company’s official online website and increase NexerSys net worth.

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