Over the Moo Net Worth, Over the Moo Shark Tank Deal (Updated)


Over The Moo Net Worth


Company Name

Over The Moo

Business Type

Small Business


Alex Housman

Year Founded



Sydney, Australia

Business Status




Over the Moo is a business that sells dairy-free ice cream. The brain behind this business is Alex Houseman, an entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia.

Over the Moo net worth is $1 million and it is impressive when you find out that it is Alex’s first business. It primarily sells dairy-free ice creams made from coconut milk. Not only is this ice cream free from lactose, but it is also free from additives and is 100% vegan.

Over the Moo Net Worth

Over the Moo net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Over the Moo History

Over the Moo was founded by Alex Houseman in 2015, in Sydney, Australia. Alex Houseman is a lactose-intolerant person and was in search of an ice cream that was delicious but also dairy-free.

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Being repeatedly disappointed by the choices around him, he decided to develop his own ice cream that would be dairy-free, full of flavor, and affordable. Thus, he spent around four months researching and developing his product.

Upon developing the ice cream recipe, he searched for contracted suppliers and partnered with a local seasoned ice cream manufacturer.

Over the Moo During Shark Tank Deal

Over The Moo

Alex Houseman, upon starting his business, quickly realized that he needed money, advice, and exposure to make his business venture a success.

Therefore, he decided to enter Australia’s version of Shark Tank, seeking funds for Over the Moo, and he got the Over the Moo Shark Tank Deal across the line i.e. $250,000 in exchange for an 8% stake in the business, and increased Over the Moo net worth in the process.

During Shark Tank, he received no less than three offers. However, some of the judges were in disagreement about the valuation of the business.

One of the major concerns of the judges was, though, that Alex Houseman had not trademarked the recipe for his amazing ice cream. This is why Alex, after the show, immediately worked on fixing this intellectual property issue, showing that he definitely caught the precious advice of the judges.

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In the end, Alex Houseman stated that the offers from Shark Tank were way lower than what he expected. Disagreements regarding the valuation of the business also led to the entrepreneur walking away from the show without any deal.

What Happened after Over the Moo Shark Tank Deal?

Although Alex was not able to secure any deal with the Sharks, he certainly acted upon the advice given by the judges, such as trademarking his recipe.

After ten months since the show, Alex claims that the revenue from the business tripled to reach $1 million, with the gross profit increasing 690 percent.

Alex also revealed that Over the Moo is stocked in over 1000 supermarkets, including 500 Woolworths stores, Friendly Grocer, and various other health stores.

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