Ozlem Akınozu Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Biography, and Other Information


Ozlem Akinozu Net Worth $5 million
Date of Birth October 13, 1964
Age 58 years old
Gender Female
Place of Birth Ankara, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Profession Actress
Height Not Available

Are you curious about how much Ozlem Akinozu net worth is? Ozlem Akinozu is a renowned Turkish actress. She has been seen in several roles like that of Nermin in The Good Earth series. This article will be based on Ozlem Akinozu net worth, age, biography, marital status, height, weight, and other relevant information.

Ozlem Akinozu Net Worth

Ozlem Akinozu Net Worth

Are you wondering how much Ozlem Akinozu net worth is? Ozlem Akinozu net worth is estimated rate of $5 million. This is only an estimated rate and not the actual rate. This is because we do not have access to all of the Ozlem Akinozu assets. However, you can trust the actual net worth to fall within this range since we have used algorithms like her earnings and available assets to calculate the estimated rate.

Ozlem Akinozu net worth

Ozlem Akinozu Biography

Ozlem Akinozu is a Turkish actress, and she is from Turkey.  Her hometown is Ankara, Turkey. She is very famous in her country. Ozlem Akinozu net worth is estimated in the millions. 

Ozlem Akinozu Age

If you are wondering how old Ozlem Akinozu is, we have that info right here. Ozlem Akinozu was born on October 13, 1964, so she is currently 58 years old. Ozlem Akinozu was born in her hometown of Ankara, Turkey.

Ozlem Akinozu Husband

Are you curious to know if Ozlem Akinozu is married, engaged, or in a relationship? Ozlem Akinozu is actually married to Tamer Akinozu. The two have been married for a while now and they are a wonderful couple. Ozlem Akinozu and Tamer Akinozu both have one child named Akin Akinozu. Ozlem Akinozu was 25 years old when she had Akin Akinozu.

Ozlem Akinozu Series

Ozlem Akinozu has featured in a several series of movies some of which include the “Sensiz Olmuyar” which was released in 2005. This series was actually her first-ever participation in Turkish Television. The following year, she featured in “The Phantom Princess” in 2006. Her next series was “Delga”, then “Good Land”, then “One Turkey” in 2014, and finally “Tal Al Zaitoun”. She is quite an outstanding actress, and she is publicly known in her industry.

Ozlem Akinozu Movies

Ozlem Akinozu had been cast in several movies some of which include “You Are Alone” in 2006, “8 Seconds” in 2015, “Coming Home”, and “Deliha” in 2018.

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