Robert John Mutt Lange Net Worth In 2023: What Is Mutt Lange Net Worth?


Robert John Mutt Lange net worth $225 million
Date of Birth November 11, 1974
Age 74 years old
Gender Male
Nationality United Kingdom
Place of Birth Mufulira, Zambia
Profession Singer/Songwriter, Record Producer
Height 5 feet and 11 inches

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All lovers of the Pop/ Rock music genre knows who Robert Mutt Lange is? If you do not know him personally, you must have listened to one or more of his incredible works because it is not possible to play 20 legendary Pop/Rock music without you playing one or two of his songs. Either the ones he sang personally, the ones he featured in or the ones he wrote.  Robert John Mutt Lange  is a world wide known music legend. Let us find out more about this amazingly talented man. Mutt Lange net worth 2023, his family life, age, wife and many other personal information about him.

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Robert John Mutt Lange Net Worth

Robert John Mutt Lange Net Worth

Robert John Mutt Lange is an exceedingly successful singer/ songwriter. His work has earned him millions of dollars. Currently Robert John Mutt Lange net worth  is estimated to be about $225million.

Brief Biography

Who is Robert John Mutt Lange? Robert John Mutt Lange is a talented Pop/Rock Singer and Songwriter. He is popularly called Mutt Lange. Robert John Mutt Lange is South- African by nationality but he was born in Zambia to a German mother and a South African father. He was born in a town called Mufulira in Zambia. Despite being  born in Zambia, Robert was raised in South Africa, he spent most of his childhood in Durban city, South Africa. Robert Mutt Lange attended high school at Belfast High School in the United Kingdom. After High School he pursued his career as a musician.

As a child Robert Mutt Lange was always interested in music and long after high school, he started to pursue his musical career, writing and producing amazing Records. Till today he remains one of the most talented musicians in South- Africa.

Robert John Mutt Lange Career

Robert John Mutt Lange is a tremendously  successful Musician/Songwriter. He started the band “Hocus”, which was a success. He also worked with various top artists such as Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Maroon 5, Lady gaga and so many others. He has also received so many Awards in recognition of his amazing talent. Some of which are Grammy Award for the best country album in the year 1995,Academy of Country Music Award and many others.

Robert John Mutt Lange net worth

Robert John Mutt Lange Age?

Robert John Mutt Lange is currently 74years old. He was born on November 11, 1948 in a town called Mufulira in Zambia.



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Robert John Mutt Lange Wife

Robert Mutt Lange had lots of affairs before finally settling. In 1970, he got married to Stevie Vann, the two were together for 8 years before going their separate ways. In 1993, he got married  to Shania Twain( A famous musician) the two went their separate ways in 2010. Currently he is married to Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Funny enough Marie- Ann and Shania were best of friends before the scandal of Marie-Ann’s affair with Robert Mutt Lange which broke their friendship. Marie- Ann and Robert Mutt Lange are still happily married till date. The two are rumored to be living together in Switzerland.

Robert John Mutt Lange Height& Weight

Robert John Mutt Lange is 5feet and 11inches tall, with a body weight of 82kilogram.





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