Teri Ijeoma Net Worth, Age, Husband, Biography & Other Information

Net Worth $40 million
Full Name Teri Ijeoma
Nationality American
Gender Female
Profession Investor, Speaker
Height 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight 74 Kilograms


Do you want to know what Teri Ijeoma net worth is? Her Age, Husband, Biography, and other personal information about her? Read on to find out.

What a man can do, a woman can do better. Who says women don’t have a place on wall street? Today we will be talking about a woman who is a risk taker, a woman whose hunger for success and purpose has changed her status to a favorable one, not just only for her but also for people she has personally trained. Let us find out more about this amazing woman, we will be talking about Teri Ijeoma Net Worth, Teri Ijeoma Husband, Teri Ijeoma Age, Teri Ijeoma Biography, and other personal information about her.

Teri Ijeoma Net Worth

Teri Ijeoma net worth is about $40 million. This does not come as a surprise as she is a successful stock market investor who understands the stock market climate tremendously.

Teri Ijeoma Biography

 Ter Ijeoma is Stock Market Investor, Keynote Speaker, and an Entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of Trade and Travel, a program that helps train students on how to make money from stock trades. Teri Ijeoma is a native of America, she was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America to Nigerian parents. Out of her 10 siblings, only she and one other sibling lives in the United States of America while the rest lives in Nigeria. Before becoming a Stock Market Investor, Ijeoma was an elementary school teacher for years. However, the job became too stressful for her so much that she had to take a break.

While on her break, she picked up Stock trading as a hobby, this was easy for her to do because she had interned on wall street as a young lady. Gradually she began making enough money from her trades. Later on, She quit teaching completely and travel the world. During her trips, she met people who were interested in making money from stock trading. Because of this, she expanded her career from being a stock investor to being a Stock trading Teacher. Today, her company, Travel and Trade has become a huge success and they have successfully trained over 30,000 people in stock trading.

Teri Ijeoma net worth

Teri Ijeoma is very active on social media, she is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also on YouTube.

Teri Ijeoma Net Worth


 Teri Ijeoma Age

   Unfortunately, we do not have any information on Teri Ijeoma’s age.

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Teri Ijeoma Husband

Despite being active on social media, Ijeoma has always been private about her Marital status. Therefore, it is difficult for us to tell whether she is married or dating anyone at the moment.

Teri Ijeoma Height & Weight

Teri Ijeoma is a beautiful woman with a beautiful physical stature. It is only natural for people to be curious about her height & weight. Teri Ijeoma is 5 feet and 3 inches tall with a body weight of 74 kilograms.


What Is Teri Ijeoma Net Worth?

Teri Ijeoma Net Worth is $40 Million.

What is Teri Ijeoma Age?

We do not know what Teri Ijeoma’s Age is

Is Teri Ijeoma Married?

We do not know if Teri Ijeoma is married.


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