Trey Lippe Morrison Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Boxing Career (Updated)


Trey Lippe Morrison  Net Worth

More than $1million



Date of Birth

September 27, 1989


34 years old

Place of birth

Grove Oklahoma, USA




Professional boxer





Zodiac Sign



6 feet and 2 inches


74 Kilograms

Current Residence

Tulsa Oklahoma, USA


Trey Lippe Morrison

Trey Lippe Morrison is the son of the famous boxer, Tommy Morrison. Trey Lippe Morrison, like his late father, is also a professional boxer who started his boxing career on 15th February 2014.

The American heavyweight boxer is undefeated as of May 2022 and is coached by a fellow countryman, who many consider a legendary coach, Freddie Roach.

Trey Lippe Morrison Net Worth

Trey Lippe Morrison’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million.

Trey Lippe Morrison’s Early Life

Trey Lippe Morrison was born and raised in Oklahoma, the United States of America. He was not interested in boxing until he reached the age of 24, unlike his father, who had started boxing when he was ten years old.

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With a family background as an elite-level athlete, Trey Lippe Morrison used to play football a lot during college and when he attended the University of Central Arkansas. Then, as he approached the age of 24 and started practicing boxing, he was coached by Freddie Roach.

Trey Lippe said that he could throw quicker punches and that his hand-feet coordination had improved a lot, thanks to Freddie Roach’s coaching.

Trey Lippe Morrison’s Boxing Career

Trey Lippe Morrison, as a professional boxer, has fought twelve times and won on all the occasions. All of them were knockout wins. He has never been defeated yet.

Trey Lippe Morrison has a pretty orthodox stance and a fighting style that resembles that of his late father. After the death of his father, Trey Lippe Morrison would rewatch all the tapes recorded by his father about boxing, since he got more involved only after his father passed away.

When he started his career, it seemed like Trey Lippe Morrison, like his father, would climb up the ranks and reach a prominent position in professional boxing’s heavyweight division in a short amount of time. However, due to his injuries, he has not fought for the past twenty months.

So far, Trey Lippe Morrison started his career early in 2014, and his last match was in 2021. This was basically due to his injury and no announcement has been made as to whether he would be fighting in any match soon. 

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