Triple F Collection Owner Net Worth – How Much the Frecka Family Earns?

Triple F Collection Owner Net Worth

$60 million

Company Type

Full Service Automotive

Company Owner

Frecka Family

Business Status

In Business

Triple F

The Triple F Collection is a private, family-owned collection of daily-driven hyper cars, and Triple F Collection Owner net worth is more than $60 million.

The collection is owned by the Frecka family. Triple F is also a business restoring classic cars and fabricating custom vehicles, called the Triple F Automotive.

With an experience of over seventy years with their staff, they can produce high-quality work with top-notch vehicles.

What Is Triple F Collection Owner Net Worth?

The net worth of the owning family of the Triple F Collection is estimated to be more than $60 million (Last Updated 2023).

Triple F Automotive

Triple F Automotive is a full-service automotive sales, parts, and restoration facility dedicated to the preservation of the automotive history.

The workers of Triple F Automotive consider themselves experts in their fields as they closely work together with their customers to match up the budget and ensure a high standard and quality of output.

Their stores, having mastered the ability to restore even highly sophisticated cars, can restore cars to their former glory by finding out which crucial parts of the cars have to be replaced and restored. They also have the ability to fabricate custom cars from designs generated by the computer.

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Triple F Collection’s Charitable Efforts

The owning family of the Triple F Collection held a show in 2020, where they showed off their collection of cars at the Cleveland Auto Show. At the event, the Frecka family displayed only five out of their magnificent sixty cars in the collection, including a 2018 blue-colored Bugatti Chiron.

Jordan Frecka, a member of the Frecka family owning the Triple F Collection, stated that they had partnered with the Make a Wish Foundation and Nationwide Children to raise charity while holding car shows. He said that this would be a more productive use of the collection of cars, instead of them sitting in the garage.

The Frecka family wants to make a difference in the world through charities. This course of action would also allow them to share their passion for cars with people equally passionate about such cars. They are using their Lamborghini and other various exotic cars to raise $500,000 for charities based in Ohio.

Jordan Frecka stated that it humbles him, and he gets very excited over it. His dream is to expand their goal beyond Ohio and contribute about $10 million to other various non-profit organizations that would help change the world for the better.

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