Troy Propes’ Net Worth – How Much Troy Propes Earns?

Troy Prope Net Worth

$30 million



Place of Birth

United States of America






CEO, Entrepreneur


Troy Propes net worth is estimated to be around $30 million as of 2023. Troy Propes is the president and Chief Executive Officer of MVP Group International Inc. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Mayfield Consumer Products, which includes the Mayfield candle factory.

Troy Propes’ Net Worth

Troy Propes’ net worth is estimated to be around $30 million .

MVP Group International Inc.

MVP Group International Inc. was founded by Mary V. Propes, Troy Propes’ mother. The company opened up various consumer product manufacturers with operations in various states. The company also opened up the Mayfield candle factory that produces candles and home fragrance products.

MVP Group International Inc. is a home fragrance product company that designs, produces, and markets various home fragrance products and candles. Their products are sold directly to international or national retailers.

In 2000, MVP Group International Inc. moved its headquarters from Mayfield to Charleston, South Carolina, where May V. Propes had started to live.

In 2018, Troy Propes was made the Chief Executive Officer, a post that he still holds. It was also announced by the Propes family that it had divested its interests in MVP Group International but had retained family ownership of Mayfield Consumer Products.

Troy Propes’ Mayfield Candle Factory Devasted by Deadly Tornadoes

In December 2021, a deadly tornado hit western Kentucky where about 110 workers were working in the Mayfield candle factory. Due to an increased demand for candles before Christmas, the factory was hiring workers for 10-hour to 12-hour shifts, with the afternoon shift beginning at 5 pm.

Troy Propes, Chief Executive Officer of Mayfield Consumer Products, stated that six of his employees were missing and eight have died. His HR team had been working to find out the remaining missing people.

Troy Propes’ factory was destroyed by the deadly tornadoes and he warned that there may be more casualties. In the official statement, Troy Propes remarked that an independent expert team was to review the actions of the management and employees of the Mayfield candle factory.

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A thorough review was to be done and the experts of the review team were to be asked to critique the emergency plans and suggest improvements if any.

Troy Propes also stated that $1,000 would be given to all employees to help cover their financial losses. He expressed his will to continue supporting his employees and rebuilding Mayfield Consumer Products.

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