Turkey Leg Hut Owners Net Worth (Updated)

Turkey Leg Hut is a restaurant based in Houston co-owned by husband-wife duo Nakia and Lynn Price. The restaurant attracts millions of customers each year, as it is home to some of the sweetest deep-fried food in the United States of America.

The business started initially with Nakia and Lynn Price selling corn dogs, fried Oreos, and slow-smoked turkey legs on stands. In 2016, the couple decided to shift from the stands to selling outside the rodeo.

Turkey Leg Hut Owners’ Net Worth

The net worth of the owners, Nakia and Lynn Price, of Turkey Leg Hut is estimated to be around $1 million to $2 million.

Turkey Leg Hut Owners’ Charitable Efforts

In the December of 2021, on Christmas, the founders and co-owners of Turkey Leg Hut decided to give away money and food to needy families throughout Houston.

They started distributing five hundred of their renowned turkey legs at 10 am on Christmas. Apart from that, they also gave out fresh beef, two cows, and cash to families.

Nakia Price stated that she feels blessed to be able to give away food and money to families in Houston.

Indeed, the Price family has never been hesitant to extend their helping hand to families as the Price family has given nearly ten thousand turkey legs at Thanksgiving and on other occasions.

Turkey Leg Hut Dress Code Criticism

In July 2021, Turkey Leg Hut announced its new dress code, eliciting a mix of reactions. Many say the dress code is ‘anti-black.’ The dress code prevents patrons from wearing excessively revealing clothes.

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The official announcement on its various social media platforms led to a barrage of responses, some against while others in favor of the move.

Another official statement from Turkey Leg Hut was given out which stated that the dress code was not meant to offend or target any party, but rather to provide the patrons with an acceptable clothing guide so that everyone feels comfortable in the restaurant.

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