Two Js Kicks Net Worth, Urban Necessities Net Worth, History, Founder (Updated)

Two Js Kicks Net Worth

$21 million

Current Company name

Urban Necessities


Jaycee Lopez



Year founded



United States of America


Two Js Kicks

Two Js Kicks is a business owned by entrepreneur Jaycee Lopez. The business consists of two physical stores and an online store. Jaycee Lopez can be considered a sneakerhead, which means one who buys and collects new branded sneakers to sell them for a price greater than the retail price.

For Jaycee Lopez, Two Js Kicks is not just a business, but a sneakerhead’s dream. The business allows him to go on trade shows, where he trades off sneakers and meets other sneakerheads in the industry.

Two Js Kicks became Urban Necessities. In 2015, Lopez had $4 million in sales. In 2019, he had nearly $21 million in sales.

Two Js Kicks Net Worth

The business Two Js Kicks, currently Urban Necessities net worth is more than $21 million.

Two Js Kicks Owner’s History

Before Jaycee Lopez founded the business, he was a homeless man in Las Vegas and was a particularly low point in his life. When he had moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas in 2000, he was given only a $20 bill, which he squandered in a slot machine.

Jaycee Lopez had to live in a park for the next six months, where he would eat out of trash cans and would bathe in public fountains. He also panhandled and sold bottles of water on the Vegas strip to earn a living.

One day, he saw many people lined up near a sneaker store for days in advance to get a chance to buy newly scheduled sneakers that were being released shortly. Although Jaycee Lopez was perplexed to see these people sacrificing their families, job, and sleep to get hold of the sneakers, he volunteered to stand in line for one of the people.

Thus, Jaycee Lopez learned more about the resale of sneakers and got experienced in the business. This later helped him found Two Js Kicks, which was then renamed Urban Necessities.

Lopez and his now-wife are currently co-owners of Urban Necessities, which Lopez says he hopes to build into a $500 million business.

Two Js Kicks

Jaycee Lopez partnered with his girlfriend and future wife, Joanie, and founded Two Js Kicks. By the end of the year, which was only a few months after starting their business venture, the couple had amassed and sold off $1 million worth of sneakers. The next year, they managed to sell off $4 million worth of sneakers.

Two Js Kicks, which was initially comprised of only one store located in Las Vegas Boulevard Mall, expanded to two physical stores and an online store. This move brought great success to Two Js Kicks as in 2019, Jaycee Lopez was able to make $21 million in sales.

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