Velcro Pygmies Net Worth, History, Members, Shows (Updated)

Velcro Pygmies Net Worth


Full Name

Velcro Pygmies

Business Type

Small Music Band

Based In

Louisville, KY


Velcro Pygmies

Velcro Pygmies Inc. is a small business and a music band. They are renowned for their electric shows full of excitement. Hailing from Louisville, KY, the Velcro Pygmies aim on being the saviors of Rock and Roll.

Some of the main features of their shows include loud guitars, pounding drums, and an energetic frontman that takes the crowd by a storm with the music produced by the team.

Velcro Pygmies Net Worth

The Velcro Pygmies have an estimated net worth of about $300,000.

Velcro Pygmies’ History

The band is based in Louisville, KY, where members of the Pygmies had grown tired of the ‘cookie cutter’ bands boring their audiences.

Thus, the Pygmies decided to band up and revive the performances of rock music of the olden times that seemed to have been sadly forgotten.

Cameron Flener, son of a Baptist Minister, is the lead singer and the corporate president of Velcro Pygmies. Leading the band on the stage, Flener invokes the spirit of rock music of the bygone ‘Rock Music Era.’

Velcro Pygmies’ Members

Finding the right members was not easy initially. However, it was easy to pick up Chriss Eddins as the drummer.

With his impeccable skills of balancing sticks, spinning drumsticks, and kicking cymbals, Chris was seen as the perfect drummer and a crowd favorite.

Other prominent members of the group include the bassist Jason ‘Johnny Dep’ Reed, and the guitarist, who is simply known as ‘Delicious.’ Delicious joined the Velcro Pygmies in 2004, while Jason Reed joined the band in the following year, 2005.

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Velcro Pygmies’ Exciting, Electric Shows

Having the experience of holding thousands of shows under their belt, the Velcro Pygmies never fail to excite and bring the audience to a boil. Many refer to the shows as the ‘Velcro Pygmies conquering the world like a Rock and Roll army.’

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Delicious’ screaming guitars, Chris’ smooth drumming skills, Reed’s low end, and Cameron’s ability to bring the crowd to life make the band one of the most sought-after music bands in the United States of America.

Their catchy songs, expert playing abilities, and combinations of four-part harmonies make many believe that they could come out as the next Rock and Roll Legends in America, reviving the electric and exciting atmosphere of the passed Rock and Roll Era.

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