Views on the Road Stephanie Net Worth

Views on the Road is a YouTube channel run by Stephanie and her sister, Cloud. On her YouTube channel, Stephanie, along with her sister Cloud, shares videos of recipes to make delicious meals. She has shared over 500 recipes on her YouTube channel. She is known for her food reviews and food tasting.

According to her Facebook account, Stephanie started cooking when she was only four years old. She pulled up the chair in her kitchen and decided to try to fry an egg. She states that she was hungry at the moment and wanted to eat a fried egg.

Views on the Road Stephanie Net Worth

Stephanie has a net worth of about $234,000.

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Views on the Road YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel, Views on the Road, is run by Stephanie and her sister, Cloud, who upload cooking and recipe videos. The channel, based in the United States of America, was created on 22 April 2016 and it currently has 80,868,510 views.

The channel is verified and has 925k subscribers (as of June 2022). The YouTube channel has gained about 9.1k subscribers in the past thirty days. The average viewership rate for a video on this channel is 23.9k.

The channel Views on the Road uploads an average of twenty-one new videos every month. So far, Stephanie has shared more than 820 videos on her YouTube channel.

Views on the Road 2 Espanol

Stephanie also used to run and manage a second YouTube channel, titled ‘Views on the Road 2 Espanol.’ She first created the channel on 20th February 2019.

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On this channel, she uploaded videos for her Spanish audience. However, the last video she uploaded is dated two years ago, which implies that she has not been working much on it recently. This  YouTube channel has about 8.65k subscribers, and 53,209 views (as of June 2022).

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