Waah Dean Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Ruff Ryder’s Evolution (Updated)

Waah Dean  Net Worth

$1.3million approximately

Real Name

Joaquin Waah Dean



Place of birth

United States of America




African American


Music Producer, Talent Manager, CEO and Founder Ruff Ryder’s label

Marital status



Alicia Keys


5 feet and 11 inches


71 kilograms


Joaquin Waah Dean

Waah Dean is the CEO of Ruff Ryders and co-founder of Ruff Ryders Entertainment and Ruff Ryders Indy, along with his brothers Darrin ‘Dee’ Dean and Chivon Dean. The company was founded in 1988 in New York and is mainly an American record label and management company.

Waah Dean Net Worth

Waah Dean’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.3 million.

Waah Dean Biography

Waah Dean Early Life

Joaquin Dean grew up with his siblings, Darrin ‘Dee’ Dean and Chivon Dean, in Yonkers, New York. In the early 1980s, after a stint in prison for armed robbery, Joaquin Dean was determined to bring his family off the streets.

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The three brothers were separated in their adolescent years, but Joaquin Dean was determined to unite and work together.

Joaquin Dean first went to Darrin Dean and tried to persuade him about starting the Ruff Ryders, but Darrin was reluctant, his focus being elsewhere. However, Joaquin Dean went to Atlanta with his brother, Chivon Dean, and managed to build the foundation for Ruff Ryders.

According to Joaquin Dean, the goal was always to create a foundation or company for all the three brothers. Though they did hire other people in the company as well as Dean brothers knew a three-men company would not be able to sustain the foundation.

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Ruff Ryder’s Evolution

Although family businesses were notorious for eventually failing with passing time, the Dean brothers proved that managed businesses managed and run by families can exist and thrive.

After some 32 years and 27 platinum and gold records later, the world now witnesses a multi-million-dollar company that has evolved into music and film (Ruff Ryders Entertainment and Ruff Ryders Films in 2014), philanthropic arms (Ruff Ryders 2 the Rescue Foundation in 2020), and lifestyle (Ruff Ryders Lifestyle).

In addition to that, the Dean brothers have set sights on launching a documentary series titled ‘Ruff Ryders Chronicles’. All three brothers are the executive producers of the documentary series.

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