Wurkin Stiffs Net Worth, Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Deal, History (Updated)

Wurkin Stiffs is a men’s accessories company that is famously known for manufacturing and selling innovative magnetic collar stays that prevent collars from curling. Wurkin Stiffs’ products include magnetic collar stays, collar stay magnets, face coverings, tie bars, and other men’s accessories.

Full nameWurkin Stiffs
Company based onMen’s accessories
Company typeFor-profit
Company founded byJonathan Boos
Company founded in2006
Employees11 to 50
HeadquartersNokomis, Florida, United States
Company productsMagnetic collar stays and other men’s accessories
Wurkin Stiffs Net Worth$8 million (Last Updated 2022)

Wurkin Stiffs Net Worth

In 2011, Wurkin Stiffs was valued at $850,000 during the pitch. However, since the investment from Barbara and Daymond, the company’s value has increased, and its net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Wurkin Stiffs History

The Wurkin Stiffs company was founded by Jonathan Boos in 2006, and he continues to be the CEO of the firm. Jonathan Boos also created the Power Stays, which are magnetic collar stays that aid in keeping collars in place and making them look tidy. Thus, the primary product of Wurkin Stiffs is the magnetic collar stays i.e. the Power Stays, along with other men’s accessories that are meant for well-dressed men.

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Jonathan Boost got the idea for the company when he was late for a dinner reservation and his wife was getting angry at him. He was having trouble keeping his collars straight as he put on his shirt. Thus, he took a paperclip and a magnet and created a makeshift collar holder, that clicked the idea for the infamous Power Stays.

Wurkin Stiffs Shark Tank Deal

Jonathan Boos started his presentation by introducing himself and his company, Wurkin Stiffs, and remarked on how he started the company. Further, he talked about the Power Stays and to which retailer he sold the Power Stays.

After that, numerous offers are made for various amounts of shares in the company. Finally, Jonathan accepts Daymond and Barbara’s offer of $100,000 for a 40% equity share in Wurkin Stiffs. Later, it was said that this was exactly what Jonathan Boos was searching for. It also seems like the partnership worked, because Wurkin Stiffs seemed to have taken off after the deal.

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